Coronavirus: 85 per cent of patients in China benefiting from traditional Chinese medicine, officials claim — South China Morning Post

⤺ reposted by @Ju_zitu from News from today is someone in Hong Kong tested dogs and found them to be mild positive of the ncov. I need to follow up on that and try to find some source.

Can someone please list for me these herbs the chinese are using, please please​:pray::pray::pray:

I was just in two shops, the disinfectants are all sold out😕 I’m going to the 3rd store now and hope I get something. I only have 2 disinfectant bottles at home, I’ve used too much the last few days

D-germ is also great

I didn’t know the VP is a virologist

I don’t think any Chinese company can make FLIR level tech. But who knows we’ve got so many thieves over here🤷‍♀️

Italy conducted “too much evidence”, WHO says

Can i have the link to this group please

China’s Great Fire Wall hit by coronavirus


As we have been so far, with that being said.

Here is a the latest batch from Iran :iran:with simple translation

Here Gachsaran
Having a 5-year-old baby with coronary artery disease and her mother in front of the emergency door

Take care of yourself and your children

:red_circle: Preventing Iranian vessels from entering the ports of some southern Gulf states

Head of Ports and Maritime Organization:
Currently, most southern Gulf states are preventing Iranian vessels from entering their ports.

نیCommissions are ongoing.

In our ports, crew and crew are examined by the inspection team before arriving at the port.

:small_orange_diamond: Careful examination of Chinese ship crews and personnel using up-to-date equipment and qualified medical team.

:red_circle: ممانعت از ورود شناورهای ایرانی به بنادر برخی کشورهای جنوبی خلیج فارس

رییس سازمان بنادر و دریانوردی:
:small_orange_diamond:در حال حاضر اغلب کشورهای جنوبی خلیج فارس از ورود شناورهای ایرانی به بنادر خود ممانعت به عمل می‌آورند.

:small_orange_diamond:رایزنی‌ها در این باره در حال انجام است.

:small_orange_diamond:در بنادر ما پرسنل و خدمه کشتی قبل از ورود به لنگرگاه توسط تیم بررسی معاینه می‌شوند.

:small_orange_diamond:برای خدمه و پرسنل کشتی‌های چینی با استفاده از تجهیزات جدید و به روز و تیم پزشکی مجرب، معاینه به دقت انجام می‌ش

:red_circle: گزارش یک شهروند از تعطیلی بازار نخل بندر درگهان به دلیل شیوع کرونا

:red_circle: Report of a citizen on the closure of the Dargan Port Palm Market due to a coronary outbreak

:red_circle:تصاویری از ضدعفونی کردن مسجد کوفه در عراق

:red_circle: A picture of the disinfection of the Kufa mosque in Iraq

:red_circle:ضدعفونی کردن شهر بندر عباس

:white_small_square:واقعا ترسناکه، شبیه فیلم های آخرالزمانی شده

Disinfecting the city of Bandar Abbas

It’s really scary, like apocalyptic movies

:red_circle: فوری/ یک مقام محلی ترکیه گفته است، در جریان حملات هوایی ارتش سوریه به استان ادلب دستکم ۲۹ سرباز ترکیه کشته شدند.
به دنبال این حمله، رجب طیب اردوغان، رئیس جمهوری ترکیه نیز نشست اضطراری با مشاوران ارشد خود برگزار کرده است.
از سوی دیگر، دیده بان حقوق بشر سوریه، مستقر در لندن، می‌گوید، ۳۴ نظامی ترکیه در حمله هوایی جنگنده‌های حکومت سوریه در حومه ادلب کشته شدند.
ارتش سوریه با حمایت روسیه در ماه‌های اخیر عملیات گسترده‌ای برای تصرف استان ادلب آخرین پایگاه شورشیان مخالف حکومت بشار اسد آغاز کرده است. این عملیات باعث شده که صدها هزار نفر از خانه و کاشانه خود آواره شوند.
پس از عدم حمایت ناتو و آمریکا از ترکیه در قتلگاه ادلب منابع آگاه مدعی شدند دولت ترکیه قصد دارد مرزها را باز کند تا پناهجوهای سوری به اروپا گسیل شوند!
در همین زمینه این ویدیوها رو فرستادند که پناه‌جویان ایرانی هم دارند میرن.
Urgent / A local official said at least 4 Turkish soldiers were killed during air strikes against the Syrian army in Idlib province.
Following the attack, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also held an emergency meeting with his top advisers.
Meanwhile, London-based Syrian Human Rights Watch says four Turkish militants were killed in an air strike by Syrian fighters on the outskirts of Idlib.
The Syrian military, with Russian backing, has launched a massive campaign to seize the last rebel stronghold of President Bashar al-Assad in recent months. The operation has left hundreds of thousands displaced from their homes.
After NATO and US support for Turkey in Idlib slaughter of informed sources claim Turkish government plans to open borders to send Syrian refugees to Europe!
They sent videos of Iranian refugees dying in the same area.

This is why no place is safe. People are stupid. Leaders are totally inept.

Agreed the only way of stopping this is by embracing a meritocracy and doing away with Hierarchical forms of leadership when establishing organizations

Aries: gotta say getting real tired of these ppl writing off this situation and blaming it all on 5g. Can hardly hardly handle it anymore. Everyone keeps attempting to dissuade me from having revived data they haven’t by sending me that stupid 5g best news ever bullshit.

I don’t blame the public, it’s just that society is going/getting away from Math and Science as a whole. So what takes place of that absence/hole is disinformation. So one has to have patience.

If society is truly ready to awaken and see how far we have gone in the sciences/stars then they have to do away traditional hierarchies. Right now this hierarchy prevents medical personnel within the United States Government from getting the public truly ready for the horrors to come.

Washington Post: U.S. workers without protective gear assisted coronavirus evacuees, HHS whistleblower says

In some instances, the teams were working alongside personnel from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in “full gown, gloves and hazmat attire,” the complaint said.
After their deployments, the workers returned to their normal duties, some taking commercial airline flights to return to their offices around the country, the lawyers said.

It’s unforgivable that the Health Secretary (United States Secretary of Health and Human Services) (Alex Azar) is quoting false numbers from the Chinese Communist Party and not the Intelligence community. These same numbers are readily available. You have a country with the capability of tracking Nukes going into Cuba in 1962 but are telling me the NRO and NSA are not using satellite thermal imaging to know the real numbers from the crematoriums or signal intelligence to find out the real numbers from the CCP due to the irresponsibility of the White House not wanting to save lives and putting the economy/wealth Before the well being of the public.

It’s a house of cards waiting to all fall down.

Perri hi! Here the situation is wired! But I’m good. I feel better. The cases in Italy continue to increase… :sweat: and you? Is everything good there?

Love this

France sucks now 41 cases officially