Coronavirus: 13 new cases recorded in SA, total jumps to 51

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Thanks a million

Will it reach manipur

How much do people travel to surrounding countries and abroad?

It has reach India but
Will it spread in all the states

So it will reach manipur

Can’t wait

Don’t know, I am sorry.

But thnks fr the info

Don’t wanna appear my standard 11 exm

just the usual, avoid touching surfaces/people. maybe take something to clean your desk. don’t get too close to groups, give 1m, 2m distance.

but it may be early there, you should be mostly safe.

and don’t touch your face. It seems like a lot at first, but it is doable. Hardest is avoiding getting on an elevator/corridor bottleneck…

they could spread students over more rooms, but maybe awareness/need to act is not that big where you are.

Note! Disinfection of mobile phone screen by some sanitizing agent may damage LCD . Best choise is alcoholic pads

Milinda and gates Foundation doing something for pandemic?? Aries

I’d go with good old soap and water. If the phone is water proof

Yes via their biotech companies

The reality of south africa in CV19 pandemic😁

Update from the Philippines

We already have 140+ cases here

So true :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil:

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What nonsense Sushant exam to honge hi yaar (11 ke nahi honge to next year 12 ke honge hi)

Pls be responsible n don’t joke around about this causally

All the schools in the state has been declared holiday as a precaution

And we are going to appear exm like we won’t be affected

So exam is still applicable for 9 n 11 in almost all areas

But bro in Manipur all schools have been declared holiday