Corona virus prevention in Moscow's airport

Corona virus prevention in Moscow’s airport

⤺ reposted by @maliezhuyi from Dow futures are already -$1000

The only good thing is that virus didn’t taken by Chinese directly, so I have never met any hate crimes

Yeah that is good

Me neither. But it could be a case like china where having a hard line totalitarian government could help them.lock down the country faster and prevent the spread

Prison riots in Italy because of coronavirus

CNN just reported that Ted Cruz is under quarantine since he shook hands with a confirmed case at CPAC.

They could stop the virus, but they didn’t

It’s true. But don’t forget it’s the dictator who got us into this in the first place.

Even a responsible dictatorship knows that this should be checked and controlled in the first beginning

BTW I also see that in each country is the same process of informin people by gov by our Poland example, at first they laugh about it then put some numbers which can make fear than anti China and then totally disinformation, to remind Poland was one of last country with no confirmed and where in other countries no paper etc here were everything and today they make as in other countries special anti corona law which let them almost everything but also they add MEN (something like that from middle East is a variety of “Adenovirus” (my theory)) @and from few days people also go to shops etc, just saying that schema of procedures of informing nations is the same which is weird like planned before

Then also if theres not enough mask supply they start the mask propaganda. “Masks dont work” like they did in the US

I’ve had to red pill so many ppl about masks this week

Like if they dont work why do doctors and nurses use them? Why do we have a global multi billion dollar mask industry?

It’s like they work

We only have masks for 1% of the population in the US

Mask price 10-15x in the past 2 months

If eBay and amazon hadnt of banned them they would have gone parabolic