CORONA UNMASKED: Chinese Intelligence Officer Reveals True Magnitude of China’s Fake Coronavirus Crisis – 包含中文字符版本

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Don’t know if it’s true…
Very scary

No it’s fake

Nukes are real

It’s a stupid Reddit NoSleep entry

thats a lot of fakery if so

It was posted on Reddit NoSleep

Probably taken down by now

Only thing real about that article/story

Is that the real level of technology is hidden from the public



:iran: Iranian Dep. Health Minister who became famous worldwide after contracting coronavirus himself, visiting a hospital in Rasht in Northern Gilan Province after recovery. Gilan has over 600 cases of COVIDー19 acc. to official reports.

:iran: Photo of what washingtonpost claimed is coronavirus burial pits in Qom from the ground.

Note: Nothing out of the ordinary, 512 have died by 13 March 2020 and they need a burial place.

A closer look of the digged graves and the official plan that was publically announced.

:bahrain: Bahrain’s parliament voted in majority to abadan it’s citizens in Iran. They can’t come back to Bahrain even if they are free of Coronavirius. (Pretty shameful)

What a shit show

:clown_face: literally clowns are in charge

:hong_kong: Mask shortage in Hong Kong seems to be over.

:iran: 1st decision announced by Iran’s high military command: within next 7-10 days all population will be contacted via phone calls or at home (if needed), suspected patients will be identified. Armed forces will impose restrictions to empty public places, reduce number of people on streets.

Luxury mask shortages have just begun :wink:

Doomsday Prepping Israeli Edition

Lol :joy:

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Meanwhile in the Fashion District

I about stated to have a heart atrack

Luxury mask shortages have just begun.

Just rich people things

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CGI still

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