CORONA UNMASKED: Chinese Intelligence Officer Reveals True Magnitude of China’s Fake Coronavirus Crisis – 包含中文字符版本

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Don’t think it’s real

I know it’s not real

Meanwhile in Frankfurt…

It’s a fun fear porn story, I mean they literally talk about using bodies to power a city, that and the ridiculous prose of English by somebody who is top brass in Chinese military should be a dead give-away.
(Like they’d really let a Chinese Bi-lingual Shakespeare work his way up, when the President is an uneducated peasant farmer)

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They left the link in tact :joy: “not yet”

:red_circle:خلوت شدن مترو در پی شیوع ویروس کرونا
خدا رو شکر که مردم دارن رعایت میکنن.

شدن Underground subway following the spread of the Corona virus
Thank God that people are following.

Only part is that the current true level of technology is hidden from the public

Other than that everything else is bullshit

:red_circle: یک پرستار دیگر نیز کرونا گرفت

صحبت‌های عجیب حسین فرخی پرستار بیمارستان غرضی تامین اجتماعی اصفهان در پیج اینستاگرام اش:

مدیران بیمارستان هفته پیش با تهدید ماسک های N95 را جمع آوری کردند و حالا از کنار اتاق بستری من عبور هم نمیکنند!

دیگر Another nurse received Corona

Strange Talk by Hossein Farrokhi Isfahan Social Security Hospital Nurse in his Instagram Page:

Hospital managers threatened to collect N95 masks last week and now they will not pass by my hospital room!


:red_circle:دنیا در بُهت؛ کرونا عجیب رشد می کند!

:black_small_square:همانطور که در تصویر مشاهده می‌کنید در نموداری که بر اساس آمارهای سازمان بهداشت جهانی و توسط آخرین خبر تهیه شده، کرونا به شکل عجیبی در برخی کشورها رشد پیدا کرده است. توضیحات ارائه شده به شما می گوید که در 13 روز، نفوذ کرونا در کشورهای مختلف چه مقدار بوده است

:black_small_square:عده‌ای کارشناسان و پزشکان می‌گویند هنوز دوره‌ی پیک کرونا در جهان شروع نشده است!

Adia grows up in a strange Corona 5!

نا As you can see in the chart based on the latest WHO statistics, Corona has grown strangely in some countries. The description tells you how much Corona’s penetration in different countries has been in 13 days

Experts and doctors say the world has not yet begun the Coronation Course!

Is the new level of tech going to help or screw is?

In due time I promise

Aries is there any explanation for why Iran and Italy have had such large problems while UK for example with so much people movement and flights has so far had so little? Or it’s being hidden?

Look at the maps for the New Silk Road Deal

:red_circle: ببینید پیام پرستاران بخش عفونی بیمارستان کامکار قم به هموطنان:

مارو دعا کنید؛ از خونه‌هاتون بیرون نیاین

:red_circle: See Nurses Message from Infectious Diseases Department of Kamkar Hospital in Qom to Citizens:

Pray for us; don’t get out of your house

Oh dear. So what should we infer from that? It’s being moved along that road intentionally?

To early to tell

Stats on the lady that died in Washington

she had symptoms monday. dr tuesday. wednesday tests, thursday positive test results dead by this morning

:red_circle:"ویدیوهایی از بر زمین افتادن یک شهروند مشکوک به ابتلا به #کرونا در میدان انقلاب تهران. امروز شنبه ۱۰ اسفند ۹۸ "
:red_circle: “Videos of a citizen suspected of # Corona falling at Tehran’s Revolution Square. Today Saturday, March 23”

:red_circle:مراقب این گونه افراد مجهول ‌الحال باشید که وارد اتوبوس‌ها و مترو‌ها میشن و به گفته خودشون اقدام به ضدعفونی کردن مردم و اشیاء و توزیع لوازم بهداشتی میکنن!
‏احتمال انتشار ویروس توسط این افراد خیلی بالاست.
‏از همچین افرادی دوری کنید.
Always be aware of such strangers who enter buses and subways and, according to themselves, disinfect people and objects and distribute sanitary ware!
These people are very likely to spread the virus.
Avoid such people.

Are we All Fucked?

So perhaps asymptomatic for a while then with the sudden symptom onset when it was already too late?

Only the ones who treat it as a flu