🔴 Corona has warmed the market for handmade liquor sales in Iran.

:red_circle: کرونا بازار فروش مشروبات الکلی دست‌ساز را در ایران گرم کرده است.

گفت‌وگو با یک تولیدکننده و فروشنده مشروبات الکلی خانگی

آقا خداییش کرونا واسه هرکی بد بود واسه ساقیا برکت بود😄
این ساقی حلال خور یه ویدیو گرفته از سختی کارش و مراحل تولید عرق به روش کاملا بهداشتی
مادرش هم توی فیلم میگه الان خدا رو شکر فروشمون خیلی بالا رفته و دیگه استرس اینو ندارم که پسرمو بگیرن ، دیگه همه تو خیابون بوی الکل میدن :))))))

:red_circle: Corona has warmed the market for handmade liquor sales in Iran.

Interview with a domestic alcoholic beverage producer and seller

His god Corona was bad for everyone, and blessed for Sachia
This halal bodybuilder made a video of his hard work and sweat production steps in a completely hygienic way
His mom also says in the movie that we are so thankful for our sales and I no longer have the stress of taking my son away, everyone in the street smells of alcohol :)))))

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Wait I thought alcoholic drinks is forbidden by Islam?

Hand sanitizer

They are making diy disinfectant

Black mkt for drinking alcohol is big there, as in most places where it is outlawed

I see that makes a lot of sense.

And I guess these people are being thanked by the society now.

Ah so the translation is correct

Thank you @Real_RacerX

My pleasure Aries

coronary = heart, but due to translations sometimes you see “new coronary pneumonia” or “new crown pneumonia” or even “new pneumonia”

some good footage if you search for that (youtube is censoring it seems)

Yeah the last part where his mother’s words makes much more sense now.

Does anyone here know anyone who knows anyone who has gotten the virus

I looked into that process with NIOSH, its another issue of timeliness, the bureaucracy will slow it down a lot, but i’ll consider the process

I know someone who knows someone who died. Don’t know if that counts though.