🇷🇺🇪🇺 Continuing theme of environmental disaster, which from Russia will soon spread to the whole Europe

:ru::eu: Continuing theme of environmental disaster, which from Russia will soon spread to the whole Europe

:radioactive: Elevated But ‘Not Harmful’ Radioactivity Detected In Baltic Sea, - head of the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization (CTBTO) Lassina Zerbo reported on Twitter

How much paid to this wonderful person received the award in 2018 from American Association for the Advancement of Science for “for scientific diplomacy” - it’s big question! But the awards and thanks from Chile, Cuba, Madagascar, Kazakhstan, China and Burkina Faso speak for themselves…

:sweden::norway::finland: Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish agencies for radiological protection reported increase in the concentration of artificial radionuclides in the air on their websites within June. Greenpeace noted this on June 26.

:netherlands: Netherlands National Institute for Health and Environment (RIVM) analyzed measurement data and made an assessment of the situation

:exclamation:Iodine-131 was discovered in early June in Norway; cesium-134, cesium-137, cobalt-60 and ruthenium-103 - in Sweden and Finland

According to RIVM estimates, radionuclide composition may indicate:
:black_small_square:damage to the primary circuit of a reactor or fuel cell at a nuclear power plant (NPP);
:black_small_square:damage to reactor or fuel cell of a nuclear icebreaker or nuclear submarine;
:black_small_square:depressurization of spent nuclear fuel (SNF) recently discharged from reactor

First of all, comes under suspicion Kola NPP (with four outdated VVER-440 reactors), as well as the bases of nuclear fleet of nuclear submarines of Northern Fleet, located on the coast of Barents Sea

Leakage of reactor isotopes could have occurred at three operating Chernobyl-type reactors RBMK-1000 of the Leningrad NPP or at one of the new VVER-1200

:zap:At both nuclear power plants going repair work
Since May 15, power unit No. 3 has been undergoing scheduled preventive repairs at Leningrad NPP, and power units No. 3 and 4 have been at the Kola NPP (from May 16 and June 11 respectively)

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This couldn’t be related to the wildfires in the Chernobyl area?


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No, there would be other radionuclides

In addition, the fire in Chernobyl barely smolders, the grass just smolders
Previous fire in May was much more powerful, but there was no radiation background, although fire almost reached the sarcophagus above Unit 4

In Moscow radiation background now much higher than in Chernobyl, but no one in Europe notices it
Although the excess of norm in 60-300 times

:flying_saucer:This UFO at altitude of approximately 150-200 feet altitude from ground level was photographed by resident of village Yastrovo, 280 kilometers (180 miles) from Warsaw

:poland: Author of photos sent pictures to Polish ufologist and journalist Robert Bernatovich, but keeps his own name a secret

Mr Bernatowicz said: “He is afraid to give his real name and surname. In Poland talking about UFOs means that people will take you as a person with mental problems”.

:flying_saucer: Это НЛО на высоте примерно 150-200 футов над землей снял житель деревни Ястрово, в 280 километрах (180 милях) от Варшавы

:poland: Автор фотографий отправил снимки польскому уфологу и журналисту Роберту Бернатовичу, но свое имя держит в секрете.

“Он боится называть свои настоящие имя и фамилию. В Польше людей, которые говорят об НЛО, считают сумасшедшими”, — рассказал Бернатович



In Russia, by the way, situation the same as in Poland - everyone who speaks about UFOs considered “psychos” and can be sent to madhouse Lol

Legacy of 70 years of communism :sweat_smile:

After the 4th

If we make it through

The 4th

We are at our most vulnerable moment

If Attack and Defense fail

Now begins the normality of the chips

This is creepy :fearful:

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Thanks for clarification, I didn’t know how “radioactive wildfires” work :slight_smile:

The main difference that in Chernobyl remained “long-lived” radionuclides:
Strontium-90 (half-life ~ 29 years)
Cesium-137 (half-life ~ 30 years)
Americium-241 (half-life ~ 432 years)
Plutonium-239 (half-life ~ 24110 years)

Other radioactive elements (including isotopes Iod-131, Cobalt-60, Cesium-134) have now almost completely decayed due to relatively short half-lives

Here were discovered precisely “short-lived” radionuclides:
Iodine-131 (half-life - 8 days)
Cesium-134 (half-life - 2 years)
Cesium-137 (half-life ~ 30 years)
Cobalt-60 (half-life ~ 5.3 years)
ruthenium-103 (half-life ~ 39 days)

Commonly believed that “short” radionuclides more dangerous, although all depends on the radiation dose, of course

For example, iodine isotopes cause thyroid cancer, and cesium acts on muscle tissue.

The most vulnerable red bone marrow, gonads (reproductive glands) and lungs
Lung disease more likely than thyroid gland (with the same dose of radiation), and irradiation of gonads is dangerous due to genetic damage that can be transmitted from generation to generation at the genetic level
Cesium-137 can affect the lungs

Of course, Rosatom will never recognize emergency emissions.
In 2017 was the same
when was release of radioactive ruthenium-106 at the Ural enterprise Mayak, which had long since poisoned the whole ecology in Urals
The impact of ruthenium-106 on the body is terrible - there everything, from a violation of the genetic apparatus and infertility to neurosis, cardiovascular and oncological diseases.
Although all leading international studies have confirmed the source of emissions and their danger