considering Shera situation, I spotted this in Alexandria page from yesterday.

considering Shera situation, I spotted this in Alexandria page from yesterday. Helpful:

I know the cities aren’t “overrun” yet, but it never hurts to do a dry run of how to escape and find the path less traveled. Rat trails, leaving early, rehearsing plans, all good advice. I consider myself like a taxi driver. throughout my life, I’ve enjoyed and sought out going down streets i don’t know so i can see where they go, ingress, egress, and where they connect. I’m sure I’m not the only one. But, its even more important nowadays.

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Growing up me and the buddies would just cruise around and get lost and gps home weekly. Stuck with me and i go out for drives all the time.

@AriesAzazel toss this onto the main news Channel. Lots of good info others need to see

“Grain And Oilseed Prices Soar During The Harvest Season”

Fun local test run is the guy walking our street with an air rifle to shoot invasive iguanas. No one bats an eye and the local email chain has thanked him, lol. Guess who I’ve spoken to about securing the cul de sac should SHTF? lol.

It’s already posted

Outstanding thanks captain

If your plan is to simply grab your backpack, hop in the car and take off for the border you will probably be rudely surprised, if you live that long.

Stocks: Caterpillar for instance from March to October was up by 40%. Look at Deer: valuation of stock also up 40% last year. Look into Archer Daniel Midland. Up 50 YOY. ADM is the type of company to be able to come out with a crop that is resistant to COVID19.

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FYI Iguanas are tasty :yum:

An astronauts tips for living in space – or anywhere

Mark my words! SPACEX CellPhones :iphone: (Elon Phones are coming)

SpaceX earns license to provide Starlink Internet in Canada

so I’ve heard! I’ve eaten gator and it tastes like greasy chicken, lol.

Line up your Dental Work, this is worrisome

Dentists expected to raise fees, exit family practices as pandemic keeps patients away despite safety measures

Do dental work ASAP cadets!!!

They taste like half chicken half fish

I just want to state for the record that I debated whether or not to say anything but did so for 2 reasons, well 3 really, because @miette057 encouraged me too for the same reason as my initial line of thought - to give you guys a heads up that individuals have become emboldened by these chants of “Defund the Police”. Obviously there have been incidences of police violence or if wouldn’t be an issue up for debate. I did not mean to make this a Defund/defend debate. Obviously I’m the record now as defend, but I am also for retraining and better deescalation tactics. But I feel like I have a better understanding of the problem facing many police officers today having just encountered an extreme example of it myself (and do not mistake this to be a justification for killing of unarmed individuals) - it’s called burnout. They’re burnt out. I’m burnt out. B is burnt out. And I’m sure many of you must be, at least from time to time. Burnout leads to bad decision making and mistakes which can be deadly. In my case, it was rushing out the door at the first Cha Cha Cha and running into the horror movie guy with the chainsaw. Or in this case, power drill and unidentified sharp spikey thing, possibly a nail pull. B’s mistake was pursuing the guy and taking his photo. There is really nothing that can be done with that in a city with a high crime rate and calls to defund the police. All we could have done is tack it up in the neighborhood and tell our neighbors to keep an eye out. And for a police officer, burnout can lead to tragic errors like mistaking a cell phone for a firearm.

The main takeaway from this isn’t so much “get more weapons and run drills” - although you can bet I will certainly be doing both. But the main lesson here is “how can we manage life and stress to avoid burnout?” This is will be a big discussion for B & I to try to answer together. We have already been trying to work on ways to avoid it, but it has been very difficult due to the events of this year, personal losses for both of us, and a disruption in commerce and work force right at a time when we were looking to make a transition. So have to find a way and fast to avoid burnout and plan better. I’ve been prepping for over a year, but I see now that I have a long ways to go. Time to kick it into high gear.

I invented new shortcuts in one of the busiest cities in the country that way, just randomly driving. Good music was essential accompaniment. :sunglasses:

Oh absolutely. Ruin whole drive if music isnt good

This year has been seriously ugly for the majority of us, I feel you!

One way to start addressing the burn out issue is to acknowledge that having an abnormal reaction to an abnormal situation is normal.
We are human after all… no use in bashing one self.

Perhaps it’s worth a reminder to buy maps of local, state, and other maps and atlases. I’ve found them helpful as I hate GPS and also wifi is spotty. Also, reading a map is a lost art. My teacher friends tell me all the time that kids dont know how to read a CLOCK that isnt digital. #sad #lostart