Connect the dots:

Connect the dots:

⤺ reposted by @iamdivergent from Speaking of skills- Perimeter security. Just to get the ball rolling. Plus, this guy cracks me up

Very fascinating. Also loved the video ad showing disclosure I believe of how wizards raise their kids in black world. No metriocracy, social media, tv, backwards brainwashing. Just completely advancing the kid preparing them for a bright future among the stars.

? no mertiocracy? that’s drilled in from Day 1

Elon often gets tons of shit for working with the Military. There is this current culture in Silicon Valley that working with the military is bad. Which is bullshit!!! To the ones who are initiated and not living in the bubble worlds (White World Echo Chambers) of the Wokies. They are made aware of the real threats our species faces.

The satalites being set to protect against emps, provide wifi and such makes sense to make way for access to some of the black world tech. To me I get a sense moving towards making more of it available. Perhals some against him making it more available. Also interesting the focus of in the air. Considering his recent talk of the underground rail system in Las Vegas and the talk of travel from state to state at fast rates. I find it odd but not that there is this so called fast progression of technology.

What if lots of transport was underground. Still digesting and going to read again and reflect.

What many people forget about Silicon Valley is that it had another name in the 50s 60s-70s and 80s which was forgotten. It was Dark Valley because of all the technological advancements that happened in the Valley which helped America become a Super Power. Working with the Military should always be considered one of the highest honor in American Citizenship

and it was

and still is.

Typo sometimes the order of my sentences mix up! I think you got w&at I meant to say! Just saying awesome plugin under the article to raise the kids as geniuses and advance them!

Silicon Valley is not part of the same world as Elon Musk. So of course they don’t get it. Just like you taught us how chips can be a great thing. It depends on which world and who’s working with the tech and what’s the intention behind the designs. I get too why all of the previous teachings starts helping us more clearly see the world and Galaxy too. And how it functions and how we can move towards not only preventing shock but be able to trailblaze ahead! Exciting times.

One of the perceived obstacles from Normie POV is the US isn’t at war with a visible threat. Ww2 gen is was easy to join the movement because Nazi Germany was a clearly evident threat to the world. I can see how the military would gain much US citizen support if it was clear.

Send the CSV to them, so they can add it as a data point