Congressman Jason Smith

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i know that this chat is meant to be non-political, but that is a good summary. It is amazing to me how quickly the Democrats sought to turn this into another anti-trump development. I just watched his new conference and thought that he has and is doing a fantastic job with a tough situation.

تر Strange Trump jokes with the Corona virus

I am just waiting for someone to offer me a choice between the red pill or the blue one :joy:

:rotating_light: Immunity: The death toll from # Corona is very terrible.

:black_small_square: Gholam Ali Jafarzadeh Iman Abadi Member of Parliament in Rasht:
را I swear by the Lord God to give people real statistics. Unfortunately, statistics are often hidden from the public, and to be honest, the statistics presented so far are not true.

:black_small_square: Cemeteries that can’t be hidden? Anyway, the reports we have about Aramestani as well as the reports of friends say very scary statistics that cannot be hidden. I got some statistics on coronation deaths from Paradise Zahra, Takharabad and Rashtwan Gardens and I have to say that the statistics are much more than that.

"I see the president’s stance on not quarantining the towns of Corona as a wrong decision, and basically, I do not understand all this insistence.

Quarantine is an obligatory issue and we have formally demanded it, which unfortunately the Supreme National Security Council opposes.


I’m from Poland don’t vote in US presidential so I’m no. Political in this just give link and then act which was signed 19 December

I know

I just ask questions like many of us here like You also :slight_smile:

All I will say is everything has been done :white_check_mark: technologically

People around Seattle are triggered. Panic shopping is ramping up.

Not you I hope

We prepared you

I was prepared for other things, only had to make minor adjustments for the virus

It was shut down just hours before the Persian Gulf … God knows how many people are getting caught and they don’t know, one of them is dead.

فChief of China in Tehran announced:
A team of Chinese medical experts arrived in Tehran with a new Chinese donation shipment.

Ambassador Chang Hua

Selected remarks by the people of Astana Ashrafieh after being admitted

Dr. Mohammad Ali Ramazani Dastak, elected by the people of Astana Ashrafie in the eleventh Majlis, died of coronation.

Ramazani, a saint of chemical war veterans, had come to Baharistan in the March 6 election by a majority of votes as the people’s electorate.

:((( this seems to be answer why we don’t have those kind of movies from world

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This article is dangerous

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