Communities around China threaten to cull pets due to coronavirus

⤺ reposted by @ash_ko from Dr. Wong Yam Hong reveals the challenges faced by Hong Kong medical workers against Wuhan pneumonia and how the government has made the situation worse

Wtf for real?

New batch



Great timing, is it related?

Black World yes, White World no


They Party has armed itself

下午的朋友,这是今天晚上的第一包。 2020年2月1日 / Afternoon friends, here is this evenings 1st package. Feb / 1st / 2020. Aries :aries:

Its getting crazy out there


What else should i add to shopping list?



Why bleach?

To purify water?

For a liter of water add 2 drops of bleach shake well let sit for 30 min, does not remove debris so filter as well

Can anyone confirm this

I can.

I was taught it by the army.

Your welcome.

Interesting ty homie

Disinfect surfaces

Might as well throw in gloves

If you dont wanna carry around a whole bottle of bleach you can buy vape juice bottles from stores

I mean, if i have anyone in az id love to build one