COMING SOON: Corona-unMasked PART 2

COMING SOON: Corona-unMasked PART 2

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This was the right music

Did you see the CORONA 2 trailer!!!

Music is chef’s kiss for me haha

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Wonderful touch, very FSociety/MrRobot

Everyone check out the trailer for Corona-unMasked Part 2

If we can post on the social medias, let’s build up the hype machine

Everyone post!!!

25,985 just saw the trailer

:open_mouth: Extremely smart move…

On BC?

Okay for what?

oh for part 2

On one of the Chinese news channels remember the Chinese made me a contributor. (The Telegram Times)

As death tolls and political tensions increase, the US has opened 15 quarantine centers on air force bases. Even mainstream papers like The Guardian admit COVID-19 could infect up to 60% of the population. Scientists in China and Hong Kong suspect the virus could have originated as a bioweapon, leaked either accidentally or on purpose. The World Health Organization stands accused of corruption and of deceiving public health officials.

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The public is embracing it


Although the association with that stupid nosleep copypasta is annoying

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