Cliff said to watch 02/24

Cliff said to watch 02/24
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Ok let’s do a class

Lately a lot of this has been happening


How many of you know the meaning of Laser Eyes?


makes me think of hd’s

Seeing through whatever is not meant to be seen !!

Mass effect

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Now trending specific to bitcoin and precise focus on it.

Interplanetary commerce

the use of glowing eyes in media as a way to “show off someone’s Life Energy” or indicate “someone’s just triggered their Super Mode.”


That’s what the public thinks

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Target focus on a goal. Not being distracted from it.

Look at his eyes

All Hidden In Plain Sight

Laser Eyes are in reality a nod to SatOSHI and to Wizardry

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Now although I made a gag of using Laser Eyes

I do not advise you to do the same

  1. It’s an OPSEC Violation

  2. Needless peacocking :peacock: attracts bad actors


This is what happens when you peacock :peacock:

Every moron on Twitter using/doing laser eyes in honor of SatOSHI is being indexed

Because essentially you are letting the world know that you are holding Bitcoin

You are asking to be Wrenched

STFU about your BITCOIN

Peacock on Social Media only if you are willing to defend yourself with necessary force and have a Monopoly on Violence.

If not, be prepared for the Consequences of having loose lips, and sinking your own ship

Due to laser eyes

That’s class for today.

Thanks Aries :+1:

Idiots laser eyeing are being Doxxed as we speak


Majority of people receiving COVID-19 vaccines are white, which Fauci calls ‘disturbing’

Video from the ground captures debris falling from the United Airlines flight