Chinese Military Like Soldiers Train on Salt Spring Island, Canada

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Was just looking into this deeper

Find more reports of Chinese Troops in Canada

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Seems we are headed towards a Red Dawn situation

From 2013:

Interesting about shipping containers

We’ve been reporting on Club-K since May

March 21 18…

So all those two have to do is be petty and allow foreign forces on their soil

What’s even more fucked up is that Justin Trudeau is allowing this

Canada-China Promotion and Reciprocal Protection of Investments Agreement

Yesterday Jack Dorsey (Founder of Twitter & Square) just bought 50 million dollars worth of Bitcoin.

The Chlnese Yuan (strongest performing currency in the world this year) surged to its highest point in 17 months.

More much needed stimulus packages will continue to devalue the Dollar and increase risk of inflation.

US DEBT is now at 27 Trillion.

Gold hit $2000/ an ounce for the first time this year.

Bitcoin also jumped 5% this week.

Re: “best performing”

Did Canada buy an oil pipeline in fear of being sued by China? | Canada | The Guardian

Chinese dairy investor pressed Canada to ‘mitigate the risk’ of new NAFTA


-No troops in the open. Just the video. Explains the sudden investment and training the troops in underground battle.

-Either way nothing to be done, do not chase rabbit holes, use the Intel only to prepare in case of “First Strike”

Rather we focus/discuss things like this :arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down::arrow_down:

Mandatory #Homework

This is VITAL.

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To me just saying I take this as more signs to prepare I don’t care for the rabbit hole but we can folllow tracks just as seeing elite vanish more or release of information more of Chinese toops at the border, already burning of west coast and sniffers in the usa all just reminds me unlike most to think war is far away. That it reminds us willing to see beyond to invisable war below us in the underground, above us in the air and space and all around us on the edges. The key is not to be fooled. I have so many times heard people say it will all blow over after election. But we know to stay ahead and prepare. Studying ham and scheduled 2nd portion of gun license test and all the paper work for my gun license. Bought 3 months more of food. Goal by end of month 1 year worth of food and supplies to survive. Keep building skils.

Any modern war is gonna be initiated by heavy bombing of the area first or with drones. Why risk a 1:1 fight

So, for the time being you can chill about Mexico

I asked two high rank officers from the Mexican army about Chinese troops in our territory and they just laughed out loud

They told me that’s just not happening and that it must be an American (gringo) conspiracy theory

Honestly, I would be more concerned about Russian influence in Latin America, pretty clear and open in many countries

But mostly sold out

We had this back (reported) in February. It’s now October.