Chinese Air Force Video Depicting Bombers Attacking Guam Steals Scenes From Transformers

⤺ reposted by @Insider20 from Look at this guys flight path he is at current spot study that at 5:33am (pst). This guy Landed within (0.1 mile of exact point of quake ) making him the best pilot ever

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Mexico’s militarised war on drugs has claimed nearly 300,000 lives over the past 14 years. Another 73,000 persons have gone missing – with their families often left to search for their loved ones unassisted by the authorities.

The investigation found that the number of unidentified corpses in Mexican morgues was 178 in 2006 – the year president Felipe Calderón first deployed the country’s armed forces against drug cartels.

That figure soared by 1,032% over the next 13 years to 38,891 , as the murder rate mushroomed.

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:ukraine::us::uk: Joint exercises of Ukrainian and NATO military continue in Ukraine
American CV-22 Osprey tiltrotors with special forces soldiers of the US Armed Forces passed over Kiev as part of the joint US and British military exercises United Efforts-2020 with Ukraine and refueled in the skies over the Black Sea
#Ukraine #USA #UK

:ukraine::us::uk: В Украине продолжаются совместные учения украинских военных и военных НАТО
Американские конвертопланы CV-22 Osprey с бойцами спецназа ВС США прошли над Киевом в рамках совместных с Украиной американских и британских военных учений Объединенные усилия-2020 и провели дозаправку в небе над Черным морем
#Украина #США #Великобритания

:ukraine: On September 23, President Zelensky visited the United Efforts 2020 strategic command and staff exercise at the training ground Shirokiy Lan in the Kherson region, which is being held in response to the Caucasus 2020 exercise in Russia
#Ukraine #NATO

:ukraine: 23 сентября президент Зеленский посетил стратегические командно-штабные учения “Объединенные усилия 2020” на полигоне «Широкий Лан» в Херсонской области, которые проводятся в ответ на “Кавказ-2020”
#Украина #НАТО

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vaccination, Chinese variant :joy:


vaccination, Chinese variant :joy:

let’s talk about Shortages


The people panic buying this time is the one that experienced empty shelves months ago. The people who stockpiled the first time around have quietly replaced whatever they’ve consumed.

Hoarding is a myth, Hoarding myth is used so Goverments can have someone to blame and not acknowledge that rationing must take place due to a break down in the supply chain.

Aldi has started rationing

Why would they need to warn about an Emergency? What’s coming? what are they up against?

Just a mere sampling of what’s happening to our cousins across the pond, try to use this intel to forecast the next six months.

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Louisville, KY is going to pop off tonight

Only one officer charged for wanton endangerment

Кто кого поймал | Who caught who :grin:

and it starts.

Panic buyers are just people that are unprepared. This is why we prep. And out of all things to stock up on you’d think food and water would be the top priority

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Flooding still an issue in Houston this morning after Tropical Storm Beta dumped inches of rain there. Houston officials say half a million gallons of wastewater have spilled due to “intense, sustained, rainfall of greater than 10 inches in the last 24 hours” from Tropical Storm Beta.

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