China Trying to 'Rewrite the Bible,' Force Churches to Sing Communist Anthems

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this man is CCP SPY

Communism is already based on uncited direct quotes Marx made of the Old and New Testaments. Maybe Chicoms should educate themselves.


… oh snap

“From each according to their ability, to each according to their need” is a direct quote from the Book of Acts

If only Christians weren’t really a bunch of Satanists in every nation…

#中共國 武汉街头最新画面,这个武汉人是送防护服和护目镜的。他说街上到处都是病人,希望大家不要来这个高危区域。这个位置很危险!整个城市有多少这样的区域?中共统治下的中国,可怜的人民。那些配合政府宣传的人,这样的状况蔓延到你那里怎么办?再次重申:中共灭亡,人民才能存活。# 中共 国 The latest picture on the streets of Wuhan, this Wuhan man is sending protective clothing and goggles. He said that patients were everywhere on the street, and he hoped that everyone would not come to this high-risk area. This position is dangerous! How many such areas are there in the entire city? China under the CCP, poor people. Those who cooperate with the government’s propaganda, what to do if this situation spreads to you? Once again, the CCP’s demise can make the people survive.


还是死灰复燃的文革余孽?!#Opinion Is this an ancient civilization that is rising? !!
Or the resurgence of the Cultural Revolution? !!

Hmm :thinking: no idea if this is punishment

For not wearing a mask

Or he’s being held for Quarantine

@justice_777 :arrow_up: 这是怎么回事

Chinese law enforcement officers

#中共国今天下午的湖北省人民医院急诊科的情况吧…全部是危重。#The situation of the emergency department of the Hubei Provincial People’s Hospital of the Communist Party of China this afternoon … all are critical.

the oud man Without mask


Aries I tried google, not that we can trust google but I can’t find a single case of non Asian dying as of yet! One man died who was American citizen but not race!
Anyone else know of a non Asian dying?!

Hong Ling might be American but not by genes…

Guy in France was Chinese . Again we can’t trust google so first hand knowledge would be nice.

Didn’t I post the British man



You can’t fault me

The french

And MI5

Are hiding the quarantine numbers and deaths

:fr::biohazard: CORONAVIRUS in France.

About this news shared by / POL /

Is this plausible ?
Yes it is.

In the last hours, hundreds of french nationals were taken back by plane from China. And put into quarantine.

And in the last hours ALL the french press published the same kind of articles (picture related).
“Why quarantine is cool?”, “What is it like to live in quarantine?”, funny livestreaming from inside, jokes with The Walking Dead and Shutter Island, nice pictures of the gardens of the quarantine center.

It is a bit too much. Like if they were trying to calm the crowd and avoid panic. Maybe not. But they are exagarely calm and funny.

So it’s very plausible they are waging information warfare. Giving orders to the press so they adopt a neutral and funny tone. And maybe avoiding certain information to spread.

However, it doesn’t necessary mean the country is facing a pandemic.

It just means they are feeling an urge to control what information is spreading

Now ask yourself why they feel this urge ?

ARES brother this is fake news

I posted that?

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America is a melting pot for all races. Being “American” in no way indicates anything about race.

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