China releases largest study on Covid-19 outbreak

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If that 80% is so true, why are the incinerators going 24/7 with triple workload. :thinking:

It really is fascinating the difference in effect locally in Wuhan versus what we are seeing in other microcosms like the cruise ship. I’m really curious to see how these 400+ cases play out

I don’t think we will ever know the truth there and we will have to observe how it plays out in transparent places

Me too…

Meanwhile I’m going to Mexico. I feel ok about it. We will look like apocalyptic cowboys on the plane

what you want is this shit

I don’t know if any place is transparent anymore.

An extra 40 litres of petrol. Not much but a little spare.


Solar garden lights. Better than nothing as a bit of easily recharged light at night if the power goes out. Plus candles might burn the house down. These won’t.

Topping up supplies

Very nice… Strong work :muscle:t4:

What country are you from??

What’s is it??? :thinking:

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Snag a soldering kit and additional wiring, too (jic)

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Japan was releasing the details on every patient I saw?

Do people think you are crazy?

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How did you go about this??
Did you make your own list?
Or did you use one from the Internet??

bought a chicken coop kit today and 8 chicks

it’s time for real eggs anyway

Ohhh snap…

when did we stop teaching our kids to sustain themselves

is it all part of the master plan of dependency

on corporate government

and the Rothscucks