China rejects Foxconn's request to resume production in key Shenzhen plant: source

⤺ reposted by @hilary17 from 共产党在海关没收药品,给中国人吃中药是害死人的最大原因!!!存心想减少人口!😡😡😡 The mystery of the new crown virus is slowly to be solved, because science is the greatest power of verifying lies.

And yet! In the face of the largest electronics manufacturer out of commission… it’s cognitive dissonance / denial. I don’t know what is scarier, the virus or denial of its impact.

Supposing that not many of people can get the luxury to get vaccinated in some countries against certain diseases. I might sound totally ignorant, but doesn’t the Pneumococcal vaccines go against the bacterium Streptococcus pneumoniae? Their use can prevent some cases of pneumonia, meningitis, and sepsis. There are two types of pneumococcal vaccines: conjugate vaccines and polysaccharide vaccines.

Yes. You’re right. I took the pneumonia vaccine.

aren’t we fighting a virus?

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Is it possible to still get this vaccine or is there to many people wanting it currently?

Of course you can get here in America, if you meet the criteria for it. No one‘s even worrying about that vaccine at the moment.

Those vaccines are for bacterial