China has nationalized 3M and now prohibits 3M from exporting PPE to US - Peter Navarro

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Question: should iodine tablets for purifying water be something a person should buy as a priority for prepping?

No I’m confident that the Grid will remain strong :muscle:

Damn that’s a good storage of water

1 gal per person per day is kind of the minimum for water. Bathing and washing dishes requires more

Is that about 35 cases? I’m just curious about the counting :sweat_smile:

Plus I’ve got probably another 20 that I’ve had down there for a while

Aries “hope” is their new plan

How long do you think we will have to wait this virus :microbe: out ?

No CDC is fucked, look this should treated as a BioWeapon as an act of War

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I just met a guy in the pool who works for 3M in Minnesota. Key account sales.
He said it’s true that all Chinese produced materials have put a block on the exports there.
And he also said they have plenty of production capabilities here.


Even by official numbers, coronavirus:

  • Exponentially more contagious than the flu (Average flu patient infects 1.3 others, average coronavirus patient between 3-7)
  • At least 10x deadlier than the flu (Average flu kills 0.1%, coronavirus at least 1%, likely 2+%)
  • Spreads without symptoms for up to 2-4 weeks
  • 20% of patients serious enough to require medical intervention
  • Has no vaccine
    ⁃ Only about 400 Americans have been tested, so we don’t know how widespread it is here
    ⁃ Older people especially vulnerable
  1. NEWS

All this came through just today (Tuesday 2/25), hours ago:


Washington Post:


Quotes from CDC National Director of Immunization Nancy Messonier:

“Expect to see community spread. Not a question of if, but when”

“I understand this whole situation may seem overwhelming and disruption to daily life may be severe”

“Now is the time for businesses, hospitals…everyday people to begin preparing as well”

“People are rightfully concerned about the situation. The CDC is concerned about the situation. Everyday, people should be preparing”


Healthcare: If things get bad, healthcare systems will be overpowered. Best course of action is 1) avoid getting the virus 2) prepare for home-care and home quarantine.

Supply chain: China makes everything, including vitamins and medical supplies (and face masks!). Average grocery store has 36 hours worth of food once shipments stop coming in. Factories and delivery networks have and will continue to stop working.

Economy: Shockwaves from China’s lockdown of over 750 million people are just beginning to hit stock markets. Historically, civilizations have responded to pandemics by delaying the reaction to them as long as possible to keep the economy going. Then, they return to normal life too soon in order to keep the economy going. Spanish Flu (1920), Marseille plague (1720), etc. are examples. In general, institutions and governments will try to protect the economy, not the population. This means don’t wait for corporate media to sound the alarms (or the reprieves), use your own judgment and make sure your family has a plan.


The basics:

⁃ Avoid crowds, airports, and public transportation
⁃ Wash hands constantly, don’t touch face without having just washed hands. Avoid shaking people’s hands
⁃ Be prepared to keep your family in your house for 2 weeks MINIMUM starting at any moment
⁃ This means:
⁃ Non-perishable foods
⁃ Tampons
⁃ Vitamins and home care supplies
⁃ Hand sanitizer
⁃ Disinfectant wipes
⁃ Facemasks (RESPIRATORS. They must have a filter graded N95 or above. Masks without this protect others from catching your germs, but not you from catching theirs. Buy respirators at hardware stores — Home Depot, Lowes, paint stores. Here’s a good guide to respirators:
⁃ Goggles and gloves (full hazmat suits are common in parts of China right now)

Best prep guide I’ve found so far:

Super basic info guide/message^

What about tap water? Is that necessary for this pandemic?

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