China has nationalized 3M and now prohibits 3M from exporting PPE to US - Peter Navarro

โคบ reposted by @perrichase from CDC Briefing today, 2/25 (half hour ago):

Is this for real?

A male civil servant in his 30s from the Justice Department died on a bridge over the Han River.

According to the Ministry of Justice on the 25th, Mr. A from the Ministry of Justiceโ€™s Emergency Safety Planning Office died at 5 am on the Dongjak Bridge. Mr. A was in charge of the new Corona virus infection (Corona 19) at the emergency safety planning office in charge of national emergency and crisis management.

When the police checked the closed-circuit (CC) TV, Mr. A drove off and bumped into the railing of the Dongjak Bridge. Mr. A was discovered by the Banpo Rescue Rescue Team at 9 am but was said to have died.

The police and the Justice Department are investigating how Mr. A came to extreme choices and their links to work.

์ถœ์ฒ˜ :

Holy shit thatโ€™s like warfare

We are going to Home Depot in Mexico today . We are going to gear up some more with supplies and bring them back.