Check out the survival guide

Check out the survival guide

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There’s a huge difference between boosting your immune system and actively fighting pathogens


The body fights viruses. You can either assist it or not. That’s what prescrip antivirals do. And do you know what those are modeled off of? Herbs.

Lmao we’ll just agree to disagree

I don’t need you to agree. You do you. But don’t sit and tell people what to do who may actually have more knowledge on a subject than you do. Focus on yourself.

Did I instruct anyone to do anything or are you just trying be holier than thou? You seen to be constantly creating a hostile environment lmao

Anyone heard anything about how people who were US citizens studying in Italy are being handled coming home? A co worker of mine, who went to Italy for a week in feb (14-22) had their son sent home from Italy. The son is supposed to be under quarantine for 2 weeks. But someone the parents are allowed to live with him and come back to work!!! I work in a NYC public school by the way… I’m so pissed

for crypto thank you @aries

my wife quit her job as a nyc teacher to keep our family safe PS 11

News is literally telling people not to buy masks…

Right now

new case in Poland in Szczecin. Not being reported by media yet. But local hospital is on 100% lockdown and turning everyone away. Our friend has a friend working in the lab there. She is locked in. They are awaiting emergency services…

So far poland has not publicly admitted to have a single case. this is the 2nd one I know of now.

Possible scinarios… Possibility of person-to-person… Tiptoe around the elephant in the room much​:elephant: :see_no_evil:

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She’s smart

I also have a coworker whose daughter was studying abroad in Italy at Syracuse. They closed the school and sent her home about a week ago with zero questions or recommendations. Her parents are keeping her quarantined but as far as any sort of regulation of these students coming back, there was no intervention whatsoever. Scary :tired_face: