Challenge coin hmm 🤔

Challenge coin hmm :thinking:

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I think it says “we can’t fix studio” on the top. Also what does it say above court date?

What is a challenge coin?

The Chris Rock Bullet Control Legislation

“can’t fix stupid”

Well this isn’t so bad! (Sarcasm)

My taxes paid for your gender reassignment surgery


Also some of you are confusing EAM and EAS

Please be aware of the difference


How I survived a year of SHTF in 90s Bosnia
No electricity, no food, no running water, no law. In a now legendary forum thread, a user named Selco tells preppers about his experiences and what he and his family did to stay alive.

Meanwhile in Mexico :mexico:

Abuelita don’t play

Speaking of which

What’s everyone’s Tiger Blanket Situation???

No Mikey don’t do it…

Horrible what he had to do

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Hehehe… that’s one of the best security systems available! If not the best one. :rofl::rofl:

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