Censorship, Isolation Camps, Food Supply Attacks & End of Animal Agriculture

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The one guy in the prepper community who didn’t deserve it

I agree.

He never did Qanon or conspiracies

Always just focused on food

And they nuked his server

Ice Age Farmer and Adapt 2030 rock!!

I’ll check Adapt 2030


Let’s run some numbers

In the past day

How many Janets 2 days ago went into Dreamland (Area 51)

77 flights

Powers of observation, I don’t think even a normal airline does that many flights to LAX

And those are facts not conspiracy theories.

The flight logs were there, and posted in here

Why 77 Janets in one day when usually are 5 to 7 daily

1,100% increase

7 flights = 100%
77 flights = x

(77 * 100%) ÷ 7 = x
(7700)% ÷ 7 = x
1100% = x

Are you starting to understand that something is coming!!!

Look at this as well

Another head of state getting out of the public eye.

London, France, Finland, Germany

Interesting :face_with_monocle:

What’s coming?

Chew on all of this

@hiddeninthegarden provided the intel

It’s being scrubbed in real time

And no one is reporting any of this unusual activity

The flights are being vanished in realtime from data base

Janets are deleted nightly
blocked are deleted mid flight

Have any others you like?
Have you heard of Corbett report?

this is vey strange

the blocked flight that entered vegas airspace 23 min has now disappeared

i have 15000 saved Janet files on my blade (that’s computer term)

All of us need to keep preparing

I’m going to guess it’s 75% cargo

And 25% personnel

On Wednesday

Something is up

we have 3135 people in here please vote

There’s a lot of military air traffic I’m seeing but can’t see if flight tracker. Is there a way to search this specifically?

master license require certification , or pay 1200+ if your looking for anything regarding the sky
ask and ill provide

Colorado air traffic has increased by 80% in a week

what’s in Denver …

He wants the Veil lifted

We have a massive DUMB’s

Under the Airport


click that as a vote no need to type it

What is at DUMBs, how it is related with underground wars? Why we pray for more earthquakes? Those DUMBs where for secrets projects? But what about trafficking? About demons you have sent and are in such tunnels? Several questions

Watch the video first