CDC: confirms 11 of 13 people at Nebraska Medicine have coronavirus

⤺ reposted by @perrichase from Against the strong recommendation of the CDC, the HHS and State Department flew 14 people infected with #Covid19 to US soil with uninfected onboard The evacuation was influenced by a US Congressmember who had friends aboard the ship

We knew this. They were positive before they were brought back.

Check that out, notice anything odd about the mortality rate for spanish flu vs. Corona virus? Its nearly identical at 2.5 percent but the only difference is CV targets old and immunosupressed.

A better weapon

But that could be a statistical anomaly because it was only the young that fought in the trenches

And not the old

Aries - data above for part 2 targeting


Ok about to start batches

Just woke up been exhausted

Should i go home now? Im here in Taiwan, im from Philippines

Maybe anytime soon all flights will be cancelled and be trapped

Scroll up to find videos of people spitting on the escalator in the Taiwanese Subway

Then calculate the risk


:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 4:03 AM

Some restaurants selected by the government have opened and queued for several kilometers! Netizen: I can’t help it!

:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 4:03 AM

Bullshit article please stop posting it

Nukes are very real

And this is a story found on


In Ukraine the evacuees arrived from Wuhan and the population is also panicking

The house went mad and let out some wind to introduce to friends from other places. This is the most prosperous Qianmen Street in Beijing, and tourists are like weaving.

On patrol

Caught disobeying Quarantine, reporting for re-education

By : “都不要在街上晃,所有晃的全部捞起来,一个都不剩,这就像731部队一样,捞起来问,问了就搞车子给装起走,在街上晃就招呼你
:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 12:15 AM

By: "Do n’t hang in the street. All the hoops will be picked up, and none will be left. This is like Unit 731. When you pick them up, ask them to put them in the car, and greet you when you wiggle in the street
:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 12:15 AM

By : 北京不但抓不戴口罩犯
:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 12:14 AM
By: Beijing not only caught criminals without masks
Regardless of wearing shorts in winter without permission
:alarm_clock: Friday, February 21, 2020 12:14 AM

The Latest in Face Mask :mask: fashion




Communist country

A picture of Wuhan streets! Why?

What do they want? Military control action?
近期 The recent images about Wuhan cannot be judged as authentic, please think for yourself :warning:

This is a Suicide in the next clip

:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 20, 2020 5:29 PM
During the plague, the man took two children to watch TV at home, and went up to the eighteenth floor alone. Last year’s wages in the factory were not finished, and they were still in the isolation period. As long as the factory is a local, he is a Chongqing native, he does n’t accept it in the factory, there is no source of living, and there is no money. How old … if not forced by life, desperate, no …
:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 20, 2020 5:29 PM



[That desperate back] The author ’s father, Yang Yuanyun, left on February 16, 2020 and has n’t returned yet. When he left, he did n’t bring his ID card, wallet, mobile phone, and left a suicide note. He suspected that he won the new crown and did n’t want to involve me. With my mother, I chose to run away from home. A few days ago, my mother was flustered and was looking for my father. The picture shows the communication between the father and the community, tears, really tears. . . :pleading_face::pleading_face:





The impact of this pneumonia incident in Wuhan on ordinary people and how many people will be awakened by this is just a minor issue. This time, the corruption incompetence of the Communist government in responding to emergencies has been exposed, and this corruption is inborn and closely related to the dictatorship. And all this has been seen by the countries of the world. China once again became the vulnerable Qing Dynasty.

The United States, the country in dispute with China, quickly realized this, so it began to do something important. One is to abolish the status of China’s developing countries, and the other is to strengthen ties with Taiwan. Some people say that the first article is not for China, but many countries. So I ask, for the United States, are those countries important to developing countries or is China important to developing countries? And the cancellation of the treatment of developing countries, including China, has masked the pertinence of policies.

As for the Taiwan issue, the former defense minister is visiting Taiwan these days. You said that such a former US official would just go to see Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan and no one would believe it. The United States is also perfecting relevant laws to enable Taiwan to participate in various international activities, such as the recent health issue that has been in trouble.

The reason why the United States dared to do this was because after the pneumonia incident, he had seen the governing ability of the Communist government. And when the United States makes a move that is not good for the Communist Party, it will at most only receive the little pink-style incapable insults of “I am your mother, your mother, your mother has been stabbed by a dog”. Therefore, it is estimated that there will be many post-singing operas this year, but Chinese who want to go to the theater must prepare in advance, otherwise you will also be an actor. :frog::frog::frog:




It only took one day for the Wuhan model to become the world ’s leading global initiative from the first public announcement, Red Ten hoarding, forced door welding, parents ’death, official incompetence, no door to appeal, elderly suicide, balcony gongs, and leadership delivery.

Not long ago, we were lamenting that 3 million people were discharged in a timely manner. People in Wuhan and even Hubei were deported everywhere due to discrimination. Now they are cheeky enough to copy jobs.

I witnessed the change of wind direction with my own eyes. :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:



Epidemic report of Dahua community in Hongshan District, Wuhan: worrying repetitive infection. Antibody is unstable! !!

If human beings are going to coexist with this thing for a long time, the average life expectancy of human beings may be cut off. The incidence of infection / severe mortality is positively related to age. People over 40 years of age are not necessarily carrying it. People over 60 are high-risk groups Those with weak constitutions and basic diseases are also very dangerous. Really Darwin, the old-age problem that troubles the world must be solved by it! !! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

If you are over 40 I pray you do not catch this virus


Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province supported the departure of Wuhan medical staff. Ignorant daughter, poor mother.
This is the consequence of CCP brainwashing! ️ Is this the fate of the bottom? ? ?



China’s “Liberation Army Daily” said that Changzhou Captain Yu Songqiu was isolated for treatment of Wuhan pneumonia.

If the captain is infected, the spread of the virus should be within a certain range.
Because low-ranking officers were infected, they would not name the media on the ground.
The captain contacts more people every day than ordinary soldiers and officers.
Because of the special living management of the army, the epidemic is particularly easy to spread. :scream::scream::scream:


Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen and Japanese Prime Minister Abe Zhongzhao. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

Him releasing the passengers from the cruise-ship will have blowback


治好的因为激素打的太多 会有股骨头坏死的后遗症。说的夸张一点就是不要得这病 得了轻则折寿 重则死亡。

是啊 不要想着得了能治好 不可能的。像喝了百草枯农药一样。慢慢的死。

SARS cannot be recovered. My friend’s mother SARS survived, but later died at the age of 50, which was fibrosis of the lungs. If the new crown is the same as SARS, there is no way to recover.

Cured because of too much hormone hits, there will be sequelae of femoral head necrosis. It’s an exaggeration to say that you don’t get the disease, you die, or you die.

Yeah, do n’t think it ’s impossible. It’s like drinking paraquat. Slowly die.
This time is worse than SARS.



Last night, I knew that another doctor’s relative at home was going to support Wuhan, and I felt very uncomfortable. He said that the quality of their protective clothing was not good. I started looking for sources of protective clothing, hoping to find them as soon as possible.

Another relative was sent to Wuhan on January 29th. They estimated that they would stay for two months. They do n’t know now. They said it should be longer. Every time I asked her, she did n’t answer very much. Speaking of which, it should be kept secret. I really felt uncomfortable when I met my relatives. They all admitted to crying and parting with their parents.
It’s a pity to die for confidentiality! !! !!

A pity to die for confidentiality

Remember that line

That exactly what the CDC is doing now in America

It’s true

It’s scary

Iran has deaths quickly

Best you can all do is prepare yourselves and loved ones

Don’t be a fucking sheep that died to prop up the economy by believing the government and the press

Here is another on

It’s got a hold in South Korea


Wuhan Jiangxia District Health and Health Bureau issued an announcement on the evening of the 20th that Peng Yinhua, a respiratory and critical care physician at Jiangxia First People’s Hospital / Xiehe Jiangnan Hospital, was unfortunately infected with new crown pneumonia on the front line of the epidemic, at 21:50 on February 20. Died at Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital. At the age of 29, Peng Yinhua was planning to have a wedding on the eighth day of the first month. Due to the epidemic, Peng Yinhua delayed her marriage to the front line and unfortunately contracted new crown pneumonia.
Communist blood debt!


Last night the Wuhan Yangtze River Bridge set off fireworks to drive off the plague.
How many people have died? ? ? Fireworks? ? ?

CDC is a bunch of incompetent morons

Look at this advice

美国疾控中心CDC发预警了,要求美国所有的医疗界人士,工作人员不能握手跟拥抱,有症状马上汇报! :scream:

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued an early warning, asking all medical professionals in the United States that staff members should not shake hands and hug, and report symptoms immediately! :scream:

Look lol more Government incompetence

FBI stocks up on hand sanitizers


No mention of closing borders

Or improved testing methodology, or mention of protective clothing,

But hand sanitizers, and avoiding hand shakes and hugs

Watch Corona Unmasked share it with friends don’t end up in a Crematorium


I’m afraid Beijing is a bit troublesome. Three of the cases disclosed on these two days were likely to cause localized infections, and two of them were clustered in hospitals. The source of the scum in the family is clear but the transmission line has not been fully determined. Fuxing Hospital only disclosed the number of infections today. However, the most troublesome thing is the People’s Hospital, which was delayed for three days. It not only affected a large area, but the key was that the source was unclear. The couple, who is directly responsible for the infection, returned to Beijing from Aksu, Xinjiang on January 19, and were diagnosed on February 17 with an interval of 30 days. There were few cases in Xinjiang itself, so it is likely that they were infected in Beijing, but now There is no way to know the source and route of infection.
Beijing is in trouble.



Zhong Nanshan is neither moral nor talented. When SARS said that he used hormones, so everyone used hormones. The result was not only useless, but the survival of those who survived was worse than death. Now he also said that the new crown was treated with chloroquine, which was a medicine for malaria invented in the 1930s. For decades, no doctor in any hospital in any country has found that it has a protective effect against the virus.

And when it was launched, it was used by 70,000 people. Chinese people have become cheap! Sad and angry! :rage::rage::rage::rage::rage:

翻译:突发!在加利福尼亚,有6700多人受到冠状病毒监测。在限航之前,加州是中国人来美的热点地方。:scream::scream::scream::scream: Translation: Sudden! In California, more than 6,700 people have been monitored by coronavirus. Prior to the restricted flights, California was a hot spot for Chinese people to come to the United States. :scream::scream::scream::scream:



Location Ningbo, coordinates Beilun district.

Event: There were confirmed patients, and the entire community was taken away. :scream::scream::scream::scream:

#中共國 菜也不讓種,也不讓買在家裡肯棉被還是吃房子啊:interrobang::interrobang::interrobang: # 中共 国 Do n’t let vegetables grow, buy quilts at home or eat a house :interrobang::interrobang::interrobang:

! # 武汉 肺炎 # 李文亮 #Freedom of speech # 文宣:bangbang: :raised_hand::raised_hand::fist::fist::fist:

:bangbang::bangbang::bangbang: #中共國 地點可能在江浙一帶,一整個小區全部人員被帶走,後續會繼續跟進

! :bangbang: :bangbang: # 中国 共 国 Location may be in the Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, all personnel in the entire community will be taken away, and follow-up will continue to follow up

:rotating_light::rotating_light:#資訊 黄陂新河桥(距武汉约60公里)钓鱼的人拍的。鱼大晴天惊恐万状,极不正常。天朝末年天生异象。有人能解释一下吗:interrobang:. :rotating_light::rotating_light: # 信息 Photo taken by people fishing on the Huanghe Xinhe Bridge (about 60 kilometers from Wuhan). The fish was terrified in sunny weather and extremely abnormal. A vision was born in the last days of the dynasty. Can someone explain this :interrobang:

#資訊 武汉的尸体处理方舱,有没有可能就是冰葬⁉️

信息 Is it possible that the dead body of Wuhan is a burial :interrobang:

The principle of burial is to freeze the body with liquid nitrogen first, and then put it into a vibration instrument to shake it into powder. During the entire process, no substances and gases that pollute the environment will be generated.
! :bangbang: Is it possible that cremation is not needed now, Fangcang is using burial to dispose of corpses?

Bad news… Kenyan coronavirus patient flew through Nairobi airport… 9M people and took a cab to Kitui

The other 17 that went to China with him are still working on the road


! :bangbang: :bangbang: :bangbang: Finally understand what it means on February 29 … All companies must resume work on February 29! All provinces can no longer be tested for new crown patients. Without the test, the diagnosis cannot be confirmed, and it is impossible to give you treatment! Nothing happened to everyone! Died casually! Don’t let it be said that it was because of the virus! Said breaking the law! The new crown virus currently has a lethal rate of less than 10%. It seems nothing to the thieves of the Chinese Communist Party. Anyway, their families will not die.
:warning::warning::rotating_light: So friends who heard it, now understand it :interrobang: Resign to hide from the plague and save your life to witness​:bangbang:


After the closed community in Wuhan, the communities that do n’t buy food for residents + parents who have no sense of crisis (do not store vegetables in advance) = poor children in the video

2020年2月20日晚。武汉市第七医院七楼一病区,39床经抢救无效离世,护士一边处理消毒,一边痛哭!再有委屈,工作得继续!这些年轻的小姑娘不容易,都不是独生子女,家里的宝贝!在人命面前,是不是厕所的卫生比生命还重要。The evening of February 20, 2020. On the seventh floor of the seventh hospital of Wuhan City, 39 beds passed away after the rescue, and the nurse died while crying! If there is any grievance, work must continue! These young girls are not easy, they are not the only children, the treasures of the family! In front of human life, is the hygiene of the toilet (CCP) more important than life.

Ukrainians are better informed than Americans

烏克蘭民因為擔憂可能感染2019年冠狀病毒疾病,針對政府計畫在住家附近的醫院,將從中國大陸武漢巿載回國的數十名國人與外籍人士收置醫院進行隔離,今天(20日)在這家醫院外發起抗議,其中更有情緒激動的數位民眾跟現場維持秩序的警察爆發衝突。Ukrainians are worried about the possibility of contracting coronavirus disease in 2019. For hospitals planned by the government near their homes, dozens of Chinese and foreigners who will be carried back from Wuhan, mainland China will be hospitalized from foreigners. Today (20th) in Protests started outside the hospital, among which even more emotionally excited people broke out with the police who maintained order at the scene.