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And now we are teaching your kids to be accepting of Solar Warden families

:joy: omg lol how Hard Disclosure is this. Brought to you by good ole US government subsidized television

It’s so Blue Wizard :mage:‍♂ but yes pretty much a typical Solar Warden family.

Really hope people can read between the lines of this statement. It’s voluminous with meaning.

Watch Ready Jet Go trailer

Then watch the Space Force and Boeing trailer

You’ll understand why I’m telling all of you to choose the Blue path if you can or are given the chance in life

Especially to the young ones in the room

Make sure you include it, who knows how much time I have left with all of you

In that case, please share with u, tech us about colors…

The trailer is not working

It seems like if you are outside US you cannot watch it

@wokeintel download and post

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It’s not easy hope you can stay longer. Look at all your friends you have made. I am pretty sure your absence would make the difficult seem even harder. So do your best to keep turning out heroes and helping us help the others.:face_with_monocle::thinking::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: