Can we please start a Doomsday Tunesday Jukebox channel?

Can we please start a Doomsday Tunesday Jukebox channel? I may not be able to control the Powers-That-Be hellbent on ending the world, and I’m realizing that I am most likely not destined to make it to the final chapter of the Apocalypse hoedown throwdown. But I damn sure want to have a say in the survivalist soundtrack. It’s both comforting and frightening how a music shuffle can accurately hone in on a person’s mood at times. Nick Cave has been my somber copilot on this and on many a night, as he currently laments that “People Just Ain’t No Good” as I type. I have come to the realization that the No Good People to whom he refers are the Gates, Costolos, and Grahams of the world, and all of the other narcissistic psychic vampires of the world. The Pricks against whom we gather here to kick. And Gates the Blustering Knucklehead will forever be viewed as “the guy wearing plastic antlers, pressing his bum against the glass”. Here is a clip of “Oh Lord, Have I Offended The?” as it fits the dismal mood of the hour.

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This Channel is for Actionable Intel,

you guys wanna do a spotify channel go ahead

but please keep this Channel for AI and FK

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