Can someone explain what this means?

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Can someone explain what this means?

‏نمی‌دونم کدوم یکی از شهرهای کردستانه، ولی عالیه :))
داشتن روحیه توی همچنین مواقعی خیلی لازمه
I don’t know which one of the Kurdish cities, but great :))
Having a spirit is also a must at times

“بیمار محترم وقتی سرم تموم میشه هوا نمیره توش”

“Dear patient, when my head is done, it won’t go away.”


IgGand IgM are immune cell responses. So new immune cells 3 to 5days after onset. Recovery IgG is 4 times higher after you recover…(I think I saw that contributes to increased cell death in lungs, adding to mucus and problems. I have to verify tho.). The next part is talking about oxygen saturation in the blood. Needing ventilation to keep oxygen sat high. And IL6 is interleukin 6 is part of immune response. That tends to get overly active with COVID 19, adding to cell death in the lungs. So they recommend medication to stop the loop response… It helps stop the cytokines storm. It is not good to use with patients with active teberculosis, ALY/AST is liver disease… or fungal infections.

What does this mean?

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I’d like to know too. Does it mention above that we become immune to virus? Seems so.