Can someone confirm this?

⤺ reposted by @euroargny from It was shut down just hours before the Persian Gulf ... God knows how many people are getting caught and they don't know, one of them is dead.

Can someone confirm this?

Hi friends! How are you guys?

I saw that trump made a conference… any news?

Italy… :unamused: no so good…

WA state may join the party quick style

@drunkenwhiskers please reach out to Manic he needs help with translations

Update us

no nothing

can you get me the chinese characters? @SteveGoodCEO

It’s in the image and the link below it

or maybe @drunkenwhiskers or @NL117 or @justice_777 might know

Reposting here

What about this hospital?

DJT talkin about corona here briefly FWIW

Can not connect to it

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