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⤺ reposted by @NL117 from Can someone confirm this?

Can not connect to it

Seems to be blocked

I asked if anyone heard anything about the Pleiades Wuhan children’s respiratory hospital at all? Links to this outbreak? Following up on something and trying to cross verify

Not heard of it

In order:
Confirmed 1128
Recovered 50
Death 29

yea I’m getting no matches for it on my feeds

Well it was “under construction “ during outbreak and then opened on 8th Jan. 9th Jan WHO announces outbreak. Some speculation I Heard about why a respiratory hospital with international presence opens same time as outbreak
apologies if this was already posted

So I’m just trying to cross verify something and/raise awareness to check it since this place seems to have slipped under the radar and checking if there might be connection to outbreak. That’s all

If it’s nothing that’s fine. Sharing what I hear

Ok I see

Could be a coincidence

I don’t believe in coincidences

They knew about the outbreak in mid December

Hospital officially opened on 8th. Before then unknown

I want also verify other thing it was at start of January that some Chinese from Wuhan scientist or doctor start talki about weird virus then Eushn police arrested him later he was released and at of January he died with all family cang find nothing about it anymore on Google, also check that almost no page about Wuhan flu or unusual virus in Google from whole December where it were pages I saw it

We started reporting mid January