Call Day Star PPE in Kansas City

Call Day Star PPE in Kansas City

⤺ reposted by @angs2020 from Yes I spoke with a nurse recently who had to resort to shopping at a home construction store looking for masks. She said they have no PPE at work. She was almost in tears, and she’s an older nurse

All say out of stock ?

Basque Country data about Coronavirus cases 2020.18.03


Necessary for sick citizens and at-risk citizens

Here is Spain most people did not use mask in the streets and nowdays the situation is out control. It’s important to wear mask, googles and gloves

If you go out or to the supermarket please wear protection

How do I mute someone for an hour?

A partner of ours is 3D printing urgently needed medical supplies like ventilators - pivoting from making aircraft parts on demand. US and worldwide.

Stop it, warning 1. No second warning

Thank you! Negative nonsense is not what we need right now.

I’m in Nigeria, first victim was an Italian business man, he was quarantined, he’s better now.

Just 8 confirmed cases officially, all under control.

We’re handling the situation well I would say.

No Panic, everyone is chill.

Thats great

Was worried Nigeria has lots of people

Video of my Bloomberg TV interview today:
Health Policy Response to Virus Is Failing Says Roubini

Markets will not bottom out until we get the proper fiscal & health policy response (to reduce the massive uncertainty - unlike risk - that markets can’t price): thus massive testing & full quarantine/lockdown are necessary NOW for at least a couple of months!

Trump is talking about chloroquine

Wants to deploy asap

And Remdesivir

anti-virals they work but this is why some get “reinfected”

He can’t pronounce them lol

Who and whats goin on?

Banned don’t worry