California lab says it discovered coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours

California lab says it discovered coronavirus vaccine in 3 hours

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That’s awesome because i just bought a large quantity of that stock, inovio, before this news headline…

#Me too…

Okay newbie preppier question I bought the 3M performance multi purpose respirator. Will this cover it.

sending in the Calvary?

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What about gloves, coverglasses, handsanitizer?

There is a number indicating the size of particles that can enter the respirator, I’m not sure what size the particles are if the virus, would be something to note for busting respirators and gas masks


I did a bit of research on that, and you’re right, there’s little information on all respirators about that. They all are talking about percentages of effectiveness.

With some of the AIs for medical stuff - all we need is a series of proteins which the SARS-cov-2 binds preferentially too - if you have the key - this is designing a lock for it which will then flag your immune system as trash to flush it out. I believe they made a metaphorical “lock” - this doesn’t mean it is safe in people

Thank you I didn’t realize it didn’t have goggles.

Already at 1k views from my page in 4 hours

Did upload the raw file?

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I have a doubt… how you clean this? Because they say that we have to use disposable masks so we can throw them away as soon as we finish using them. can we sterilize it at home after use? or it becomes dangerous for the viruses in the filters :fearful:

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