By the way in the first video the mans dialect is a very rare one.

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By the way in the first video the mans dialect is a very rare one. It’s not a hubei dialect. It does seem the claim that this happened in Zhejiang province is true based on that dialect. I asked a lot of people I know but nobody could identify this dialect. I think I need to dig deeper.

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Yes but he’s wearing body armor

Under it

Why not WuHan police

Wuhan has a Swat team

That’s MSS cleaning up the leak of the virus :microbe:

I was trained in SWAT tactics

So was Kenny Stephens

A SWAT Team is 2 squads

Alpha and bravo


Hmmm very interesting… :thinking::thinking: thank you Aries

6 man each

Why send 3 people

Also Type 95 is very restrictive firearm

Only given to SWAT and Military

If this epidemic is uncontrolled, it will lead to consequences for the authorities, more serious than the collapse of the country in 1991.

Obviously, now the country is not ready for an epidemic. People are massively ignoring the most basic precautions. Our culture, lifestyle, attitude towards the epidemic do not give us any alternative. Go down the subway or go to the mall - no one wears a mask. Unfortunately, people simply do not understand what the exponential increase in the number of infected people that we observe with such a disease is.

It is not too late - in Russia it is necessary to introduce full quarantine. This is not a panic, not a manifestation of the helplessness of society, but the only right decision.

The first step is to close all borders tomorrow, cancel all mass events and provide people with the opportunity to spend 60 days at home.

The duty of each head of an enterprise or state institution in its place is to realize the seriousness of the situation, immediately create a headquarters and within two days prepare all the necessary measures that will ensure quarantine. 60 days is the minimum period for identifying and ensuring the start of treatment for most patients, and therefore for the effectiveness of quarantine.

It so happened that in 2015, like other Rusal employees, I encountered Ebola in Africa. And only the isolation of Guinea, as well as the coordinated actions of the military, police and Russian doctors allowed to stop it. Without a complete closure of borders, tomorrow it is impossible to stop the growth in the number of infected and the spread of the virus in Russia.

This text was written on its channel by Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. He seems to have a better understanding of the dangers of coronavirus than the Russian government.

Yes. It is entirely possible that a guy speaking a different dialect was in wuhan shooting that video.

Ministry of State Security

Is operating all over WuHan

Taking out the spreaders

持冲锋枪 机枪的特种警察已经在湖北超市巡逻,标志着湖北全面食品危机 暴乱危机随时会发生,或者已经镇压多起掩盖的好而没有泄露出来!:scream::scream::scream: Special policemen with submachine guns have been patrolling in Hubei supermarkets, marking a comprehensive food crisis in Hubei. Riot crises can happen at any time, or many coverups have been suppressed and not leaked! :scream::scream::scream:

2 sweepers with MSS Seeking out a possible Super Spreaders. Inside the Hubei Supermarkets. Remember they do not give handguns or automatic rifles to regular police. And these 2 are not with the WuHan SWAT team. They are with the clean up crew

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Chinese police only given 5 rounds of ammunition

Look it up

For a handgun

This is how the Botkin Infectious Disease Hospital in St. Petersburg (Russia) looks like, where patients with coronavirus are hospitalized.

Hmm. So does the MSS typically not deal with public/civilian safety matters?

Some ppl are saying traditional masks work. I bought n95 masks

The tree layer cirurgical one is enough?

They are saying n95 is not needed


Germany +930 cases fml

In a private group here in my telegram

Another thing we need to consider is that In China, normal police officers do not wear any service pistols when they are out and about in the street, unlike almost all other countries. The most deadly weapon they have is a stick.

They do this probably to limit the number of guns people have access to.

Now I don’t know how they are organized but it’s possible that within a given police unit, only the swat team has got any meaningful firearm training, hence it’s much easier to simply send the swat, than giving a gun to some donut dude who doesn’t know how to operate the safety.

No only matters of National Security