Butch McQuires is jammed on St Pats day....normally.

Butch McQuires is jammed on St Pats day…normally.

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What are we to see here the indian guy or the lights ?


He should have clicked a different angle then

Remember pet food for supply lists

Who cares about the angle

We see the traffic instead of lights

i think he is saying… normally its packed, tonight its dead.

not trying to be funny but im not sacrificing gains

i dont have a indoor gym

and i have goals to meet.

Indoor gym or calisthenics would be a good idea now . Trust me

thing is, i can buy weights but i cant buy a bench press thing


Are you done saying stupid shit

stupid to you maybe.

Seriously where are your priorities

Some people arent going to change their whole life around for this. trust me on that.


:movie_camera:ببینید: با اعلام خبر ابتلای یک شهروند ترک به ویروس کرونا، از صبح امروز مردم در ترکیه به فروشگاه های موادغذایی و بهداشتی در شهرهای مختلف این کشور هجوم بردند.

:small_blue_diamond:فاجعه در ترکیه به زودی آشکار می‌شود، بیمارستان‌های استانبول جایی برای پذیرش ندارد…
:small_blue_diamond:عربستان و امارات هم مقصد بعدی فاجعه پنهان‌کاری است.

بینSee: A Turkish citizen has been attacked by grocery stores in various cities of the country since this morning when news of a Turkish citizen contracted the coronavirus.

عهRecord in Turkey soon reveals, Istanbul hospitals have no place to accept …
:small_blue_diamond: Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the next destination for the disaster of secrecy.

:movie_camera: تصاویر منتشر شده از وضعیت فروشگاه ها در ترکیه

:small_blue_diamond:با اعلام خبر ابتلا یک شهروند ترک به ویروس کرونا، مردم این کشور به فروشگاه های موادغذایی و بهداشتی در شهرهای مختلف این کشور هجوم بردند.

:small_blue_diamond:شب گذشته وزیر بهداشت ترکیه از ثبت اولین مورد ابتلا به کرونا در این کشور خبر داد که به تازگی به یکی از کشورهای اروپایی سفر کرده بوده.

:movie_camera: Published images of stores in Turkey

ترک With the announcement of a Turkish citizen infected with the coronavirus, people in the city have been attacking food and hygiene stores in various cities across the country.

Last night, Turkey’s health minister announced the first coronation case in the country, having recently traveled to a European country.

I’m subscribed to trumps sms messages and I just got this text makes me wonder if they will be announcing something soon