But where are you?

I am working on getting ready

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But where are you?

I saw those numbers and just praying that’s not true. We shall see

I live on Long Island, New York.

We might get out of this we shall see

People here have such a normalcy bias they think nothing can happen to them here… So they will not prepare. Aris is probably at area 51 by now!

No one ever calls it that

An no I’m not

The german mainstream newspaper“Spiegel“ just posted an interview with an american married couple from the diamond princess and also reported that they got an info from the CDC that nCoV is able to circulate in the air and that there is no safe place on the ship. Even not inside the cabine.
The curious thing is that such an information is predestined as a so called conspiracy theory but „Spiegel“ released this info.

#讀者投稿 #觀點 如果是真的,這些傢伙完了。# 读 投稿 #Opinion If it is true, these guys are done.

Remember the Police and Military do not report numbers to the WHO or Chinese CDC

From a report we posted earlier

They should not add campy music to this

In Canada :smirk::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Russia. Coronavirus. Samara
“Here and in the Samara region, officials signed a decree establishing quarantine zones, where suspects of coronavirus disease will be placed for a 14-day period.

It follows from the order that quarantine zones can be created in administrative buildings, schools, dispensaries, hotels, sanatoriums, children’s and sports camps, adjusted for available opportunities.

Earlier during the day, news came about the creation of similar centers in other cities and regions. In particular, in Ekaterinburg, in the Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk regions.

What are the authorities preparing for this if only two cases of coronavirus are documented, or do they know something? They are just very much worried, which is not typical of the usual. …

The troops are partying likes it’s 1999


Spicy eyes: videos of political and legal cadres in Yangpu District, Shanghai are streaming out! !! !! Rogues are not terrible, they are afraid that they will have power when they become officials!



Official deads 717

None of those numbers are real

Watch the 5:30 minute mark

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Conference call with Coronavirus expert.

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What’s the most important part of this? I read it, would be interested in your opinion

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** Homey Airport / aka groom lake

This guy May have just passed out. While standing in formation for periods of time, we were trained to bend our knees slightly so as not to cut off circulation. It appears to me that’s what happened here.
My opinion

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