But what the hell is it to retaliate against ordinary people?

#中共國 廣西賀州慘案,報復開始。但是你特麼報復老百姓算個什麼玩意?冤有頭,債有主,出門右拐是政府。# 中共 国 Guangxi Hezhou tragedy, revenge begins. But what the hell is it to retaliate against ordinary people? There is an injustice, a debt owner, and it is the government to turn right.

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What is this?? Or where is this… no masks… sorry I don’t understand :sweat:

More proof of a group Bio-Terrorism Operatives in Wuhan see below

#中共國 視頻中的人,不停向貨架上的商品吐口水。:triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:
提醒大家記得勤洗手啊 !# 中共 国 People in the video keep spitting on the goods on the shelf. :triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph::triumph:
Now the probability of buying a life is nine dead ?!
Remind everyone to wash your hands frequently!

:arrow_up: something or force (Dark Army) is making people do this

You don’t just go infecting elevators and surfaces on your own

Unless you are told to do so

Under duress

And unless a gun was to your head or a threat on your life

Or paid a lot of money to do so…

Remember. ISIS used to be Mercenary before they went all Jihadist.

Unless some dark forces having/withholding an antidote/cure

I can attest to the dark forces thing too, as well.

Remember Soros.

This is China

I’m not talking about

Western Politics

Good point

They have their own Demons

like Winnie the Pooh

and his masters

On the lighter side

Lol I dig it

Some gasmasks even have hoses/straws for drinking too

Details of nationality of diamond princess ship

So what is your Shit Hits The Fan plan?



Li Wenliang is dead

Translate: one of the first 8 doctors who disclosed nCOV died tonight. They disclosed to public on 8th DEC 2019, but arrested by CCP said they were spreading rumour.

On 8th of December they knew

Li Wenliang

李文亮医生因肺炎去世,每个中国人都该记住他 Dr. Li Wenliang died of pneumonia, every Chinese should remember him

From December

also don;'t use chinese mobile company, one HK man arrested using Telegram against CCP because he was using Xiao-Mi mobile.

Telegram users are anonymous. SHould be safe. Don’t reveal too much then if worried

If anyone ask

I’m Canadian


“冠状病毒爆发会否令习近平的中国世纪美梦脱轨?” Time Magazine features mask Xi Jinping as cover

The latest issue of Time Magazine in the United States took Xi Jinping wearing a mask as the cover and raised a question
“Will a coronavirus outbreak derail Xi Jinping’s Chinese dream of the century?”

哀悼李文亮!他是最早發現病毒的人,卻被中共認定為謠言!他堅守崗位直到感染肺炎,31號他肺炎核酸為陰性,但6號卻被公佈死亡,死的不明不白!他不是死于疾病,而是死于這個邪惡的體制,他能救助病人,但又有誰能救他?哀悼死者,我們要對得起這個人! Mourn Li Wenliang! He was the first person to discover the virus, but the CCP identified it as a rumor! He remained on duty until he became infected with pneumonia. On the 31st, his pneumonia nucleic acid was negative, but on the 6th he was announced dead. He did not die from the disease, but from this evil system. He could help the sick, but who could save him? Mourn the dead, we have to be worthy of this person!

China will overcome but this is telling that their country does not have thee means to sophisticatedly stop a temporary implosion of modern life


:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 6, 2020 12:05 PM
At the southeast farmer’s market in Yifeng County, Jiangxi Province, some vegetable stalls have launched a ‘no one selling’ model. A citizen said: ‘’ The boss is not there, I ’ll pay him at the price, and the boss is honest.

:alarm_clock: Thursday, February 6, 2020 12:05 PM

Making a Russian Package for our Russian Friends

俄罗斯准备好了吗? 我们的同志们将如何回应? Россия готовится? Как ответят наши товарищи? Russia gets ready? How will our Comrades respond?

Send to Russian friends

隔离生活 / Life under Quarantine / Жизнь под карантином

Not the same strain of coronavirus that originated in Wuhan…

Im supposed to travel from nyc to cancun mexico on the 16th with my wifey and 2 yr old… thots?

High density tourist area, I’d be careful