But there was a big advertisement in Russia that China (allegedly) purchased Arbidol as a medicine for coronavirus

Of course.
But there was a big advertisement in Russia that China (allegedly) purchased Arbidol as a medicine for coronavirus


I believe more in Chinese traditional medicine than in such “bullshit” as “arbidol” Minister Golikova))

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They are both bullshits)))

Thanks to this group y Aries I could inform and hope to be able to face this pandemic

:united_nations: WHO: Preliminary investigations conducted by the Chinese authorities have found no clear evidence of human-to-human transmission of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) identified in Wuhan, China.

:india: Indian Prime Minister Modi asks citizens to stay inside their homes on Sunday as part of a test in the fight against coronavirus - TOI

:israel: The Mossad intelligence service bought 100K Corona Virus tests from 2 countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel (Two gulf countries)

When the tests arrived in Israel tonight, ministry of health officials discovered it wasn’t the right kind of tests.

:israel: BREAKING: The IDF has raised it’s alert level & will assist Israel’s police to enforce a quarantine should a nation-wide lockdown be imposed.

:us: One VOA employee has tested positive for COVID-19.

The employee was last at VOA HQ in DC on March 11 & took test on March 12. Employee is not hospitalized and his health is improving.

:israel: Police dispersed a wedding in Petah Tikva, arrested the organizer for violating the Ministry of Health guidelines.

:us: US CDC says COVID-19 cases rises to 10,781 (prev. 7,038), death toll rises to 161 (prev. 97)

:it: Italy reports 5,322 new cases of coronavirus and 427 new deaths, raising total to 41,035 cases and 3,405 dead. Death toll in Italy now surpasses that of China.

I don’t even think Redemsivir is useful for all cases

Fauci just admitted that there won’t be any hydroxychloroquine or Chloroquine if people request it because the supply will be quickly depleted. :face_with_head_bandage::persevere:

34-Year-Old CA Man Dead of Coronavirus, Recently Visited Disney World

Well here we go!!!


A bunch of companies are ramping up production right now

:lebanon: – The number of coronavirus cases in Lebanon has reached 157 after Rafik Hariri Governmental Hospital announced 8 new cases today.

:us: DOD nurse advice line has jumped 500% in calls with 8,000 calls per day and sometimes 10,000 calls per day, says Army Lt Gen Ronald Place–the director of the Defense Health Agency

:us: The FDA has issued a statement clarifying the chloroquine situation. Trump wrongly said the anti-malaria drug was approved for coronavirus. The FDA statement says there is no approved coronavirus treatment.

The FDA says:

  • It’s working with govt/academic entities already studying chloroquine for coronavirus
  • It will continue to grant emergency compassionate use requests for another drug Trump mentioned, remdesivir, “but controlled clinical trials are needed” to test safety

Hahn:: If chloroquine works for coronavirus, demand will increase; they’ll “take all steps” to keep it available to "patients who take it to treat severe and life-threatening illnesses such as lupus.” They want makers to ramp up production to mitigate any supply pressures.

Hahn: This situation is urgent, but “we also must ensure these products are effective; otherwise we risk treating patients with a product that might not work when they could have pursued other, more appropriate, treatments."

:ru:Russian ambassador to IAEA on :iran:Iran: Supporters of US maximum pressure policy are trying to make excuses. They say that food and medical supplies to Iran are not sanctioned. De jure that is true. But de facto even purely humanitarian goods can not be supplied in a normal way due to financial restrictions.

I’ve heard this. But how soon is the question. If 10-20 million doses are needed in 8 weeks.

Someone asked sorry

No idea, def too late but… Better late than never