Bullshit. You don’t seal cities in the US and get away with it being secret.

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Bullshit. You don’t seal cities in the US and get away with it being secret.

You’re probably right. I don’t think the media could censor something like that

Oh the New York Times actually pretending on doing their jobs lol :joy:

You should try it once we are past this pandemic

Yes but I’m joking that he adds vodka

Ohh yes

In #Spain we have now 1 confirmed infected and 1000 in quarentine.


This group started out ex Military and Cryptos Elites.

I remember someone told me

We have very good sources

Our president Duterte is a mad man

Let me ask you

Is Gwendolyn Garcia

Liberal or conservative

As a senator?

2 first confirmed case Austria and 1 Croatia


None going forward, posted here, my racial slurs are only towards Tedros not lazy people in general. Tedros is the one who started out by claiming the world was racist because they wished to protect themselves from a virus

That I understand

Sooo I didn’t have time to mention this driving home from work, but my professor for my data class studied epidemiology

I brought up the coronavirus in class, and he took like 5 minutes to explain that if its in Italy, its already here in New York for sure

Then went on to explain, that when Columbia stops classes because of the outbreak (not if), we’ll just do classes online. Nothing we don’t already know, but still was crazy to hear about in class about it in that way