Brilliant!! Emergency alert test knocks one of Arizona’s most shameful anti-democracy representatives @andybiggs4az…


⤺ reposted by @0xZBqEz from At 1:30 Trump says the 25th amendment doesn't impact him, but will impact Joe Biden?

For real?

Just a few, a lot of noise though.

Maybe some local station

Yes. I just searched twitter for

Just a rouge rookie or something

Yea that’s the thing how to search for stuff when the alert system could be used for many reasons. Also fake folks too. I don’t want to go down a useless rabbit hole. But when I saw someone in a telagram group was wondering what’s up. So decided to just see what’s up in twitter land. But again I think the emergency alerts can be used for tons of reasons. Be nicer to have pics and video to see what it entails. Just feel like time wasted and could be better used after realizing the dynamics at play.

found on /pol/

Does Doom have a Ham radio channel? for some reason i’m thinking we do


Why would the DC residents need to sign up? Sounds sketch… :thinking:

With timing of the possibility to disable alerts on phone and Mayor Bowser offer this to residents. I am very skeptical and don’t trust this.

That was 12pm this guy in Florida posted at around the same time this test run alert would go off.

Just in case the people are wondering apple interrupts your critical thinking mind to tell you that you are wrong and fake news. Because of course apple just loves us all so much. :rage:

This popped up a few times in Twitter search. Always love when they need to go over the top to help us get a reality check. Otherwise we’d believe we were living in 1984 :wink:

Thanks Apple for helping me calm down and straighten out the truth for me :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:

Not gonna spend too much time but interesting to see what the trends are in twitter world. Keeping a note to this.

Found it

Interesting a planned test emergency alert in part of Florida and now internet is down. Wonder if there is a connection to areas with alerts and areas that has down network.

I mean not saying it couldn’t be somewhere close (ish) to the truth, but the GBS thing just seems like disinfo

So, one of 3 theories:

  1. Fake
  2. Real - Providing heads up to Red to mitigate somehow
  3. Real - Providing heads up to Red to taunt - What’s Biden and camp gonna do - not attend the inauguration? They’re kind of forced into attending, at least the important people are.

@jdally987 you can continue here. Bubba posted his theories above

No problem

Want to have your mind blown… Search the hashtag on the pinned message above.


Put it in search and hop back to the video examples

Search is found at the three dots above by the group name.

If you know that forgive me. Many are new to the platform

Ramblin , is there a way to list out all the hashtags? I’m only aware of a couple like #learningtowalk

Whew lol I’ll have to find some time to dig into that a bit I’ve heard of some of that stuff, but it’s pretty much globbed together in the “miscellaneous who-really-fkn-knows, save for later” category of the conspiracy theories section of my brain

Hmmmm…good question

So in this channel, Disclosure, the #topicFIVEhyperdimensionals

Like the shapeshifters/skinwalkers…higher-dimensional; not as much of the subterranean stuff, only some larp theories about that (like the beer thing if any1’s familiar)