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⤺ reposted by @iamdivergent from Watching Tenet, how many of you want to learn how to pick locks?

What is a bird strike?

  1. Bit late in the day for a bird strike
  2. Something was sucked in to engine u can see in video. They say it was a bird.

Wha? Is this a joke? :thinking:

I deleted it

Guys please

Focus on Actionable Intel

Not strippers

This is not San Diego

We are not boots out of basic

The mexcio border and the auto plants there are closed due to covoid 19. Car parts are getting harder to find. So get your work done now. 49% of auto parts come from mexico.

Thank you @AriesAzazel I was like wtf ummm ok not sure how this is real and also much rather learn how to learn especially since ww3 is pretty much here.

Thanks for keeping it on track!

Nice! 2 jars $2 #goodwillchallange

$1 find! #goodwillchallenge

Scored #goodwillchallenge

Water Canning puller, for canning. Can’t find any anywhere :slight_smile:

Take the #GoodwillChallenge.

Go check out your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or locally owned and operated thrift store to hunt down SHTF supplies.

See what you can find to put your upcycling skills to the test. Can you repurpose what you find?

This will be an important skill to cultivate in the event of an emergency or a supply chain collapse.

Take the challenge and practice now while you have time.

People in Hurricane areas know this too well

You might have a generator but you hook it for some lights and the fridge. If its really powerful maybe AC or fans, but the little electric appliances cannot be used

Things like pressure cooker that can be place over charcoal

Cast irons, mason jars, hunting knifes

Remember for folks that have fb or know folks check marketplace

Yes and flea markets too

Going to get glass gallon jars $1 each for more water stores

Old school high quality and light blue. Used for cider!

Homework :books: from above :mage:‍♂

on Netflix

Watch Jericho

Specially the first 2 episodes

That is exactly how things will play out

Do it for funsies

  1. Go to Twitter.
  2. Write: Shortage stock up
  3. Read “Top” tweets, see date.
  4. Sort by “Latest”, read tweets.
  5. Analyze Intel.
  6. Draw a hypothesis for the next 6 months.

Also found 2 sets of water filling bathtubs set ups $80 when it’s about resdy or storms fill up the tub and bam 80 gallons!

White Worlders / Normies are catching on

I’ve had you all getting ready since February

Keep at it

How strong is the material?

Good question was going to buy this week. I will check what do you suggest? I felt unsure about the barrel options and like the idea for bathtubs as I know that it’s an easy way to fill water before storms at election time as well as first sign of shtf will be doing this as it gives extra water in addition in household.

We do live next to water away from city but nuclear fall out or any poison or tainted water air as well as of it was safe to leave to the home.

If you or anyone have preferred plastic barrel options I also had money to buy some (of course more pricey and don’t trust buying them used)

For storing for drinking water… then I know how to clean water watched a lot and have done research

@Open_Eyes00 :arrow_up:

Fuck him up Cadets!!

Time for a spirit mission

Colorado man swindles Air Force Academy cadets in Ponzi scheme

You Talkin’ to Me? The Unruly History of New York English