BREAKING: US Senate Judiciary Committee to vote to subpoena Twitter CEO @jack to testify on election meddling & censorship

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On Wednesday and Thursday, the N.W.A. star — who has long been a vocal critic of Trump — defended his decision to work with the White House, arguing that “Black progress is a bipartisan issue” and “talking truth to power is part of the process.”

Who had Woke Cancel Culture trying to make Ice Cube out to be a racist for working with the Trump adminstration AND Democrats on ideas and plans to help black communities on the 2020 Y’all Lost Your Damned Minds Rona Bingo Board?? :woman_facepalming::joy::weary:

Good on him for staying apolitical and setting it straight without caving or apologizing.

I agree. This zero tolerance/no room for meditation and compromise mentality is the real reason the nation is so divided right now. If you show the slightest bit of compassion, respect or tolerance, you are ostracized. Here is another prime example:

I feel like the world is ending everyday. I gotta get off this planet.

I will say though, I couldn’t have imagined spending it with a finer group of people. You all are amazing

Agreed. Cheers! :sparkles:

Everyone here is exactly this :point_up_2: awesome. That goes for you too! :sparkling_heart:



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Vibing in that frequency :wink:

Feel the same damn way!

You guys are my family and I am way more connected to you then the world around me.

I left behind the world that I never fit in or fit into because I was always in the future and not about societal constructs and this fake bs reality of what we are sold on being the ultimate life (as I have always been on a path of advancing myself on all levels) Now I actually feel even more amazing and free from the world even more because I found others on the same level as me that actually are about evolutionary trailblazing and advancing ourselves towards a bright future.

We are not just ahead of the curve to what ever gets thrown at us in white world. But we can take this time to break free and deprogram and reboot ourselves and slowly adjust to new world views and open to opportunities we can build when doors open and eyes reveal on a larger scales to the masses.

And on top of it, political free, drama free, no racism, no bs! I actually took the apolitical shifts here into my entire life even with how to move around others, knowing what goes on a deeper level and just leave be to those not ready and drip feed to those open and willing to open their mind…

I actually feel very calm even the world is at high levels. I’m level headed and prepared. Evolving. Advancing.

I am very excited for what’s ahead for us for the future. And not afraid of shtf and confident in being able to traverse that and support each other through these times of chaos and of the new dawn I envision ahead of humanity!

Like I just previously stated, I am still trying to break that urge of hitting a like or love button on things, but I will state emphatically that I love and agree with everything you have to say. I slip here and there on the apolitical front, but only because I’m so sick of the lies and manipulations, and have spent more than a decade trying to expose the actions of one individual in particular involved in the current political Hoopla, and neither of them are the 2 big names in the news cycles. It is really difficult to watch the open assault on journalism, erosion of freedom, and the brazen bamboozling of the people by the media, elected officials, skeevy lobbyists and corporations who see the whole of humanity as a statistical means to an arrogant, self-serving end. But I am grateful to be here amongst you all, learning to look past the distractions of the side show circus, so I can see the main event being set up in the long game. I trust you all to catch me when I fall and to remind me when I go off course. I am as ever, a work in progress. But my intentions are good as I know all of yours to be. I have mountains of respect and oceans of gratitude for you all. :sparkling_heart:

Yes yes yes!! Exactly. My current focus is staying in the eye of storm and not be thrown off by the constant attack on freedom, manipulation etc… it’s a practice for sure. But that’s why I love this group. We ground each and refocus the energy. This then reprograms our brain wiring so we eventually shift and orient to a new way of embodiment, orientation and movement through the world. The biggest thing is remembering we got each other’s backs here. We each are growing and evolving and by learning to become not so activated from all the white world bs we can have more time and energy towards prepping and self development especially in new skills for shtf and eyes open. We are actually carving new pathways for different more aligned timelines for ourselves.