BREAKING: The CDC has stopped disclosing the number of Americans tested for coronavirus.

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Holy ****

Told you

Oops sorry Perri. It was meant for everyone

Fucking shit show. I’m so done with the US.

Told us what

They are hiding/lying about the numbers

Everyone is



They are all lying

Official narratives are for stock markets, not people.

^Everyone tweet this

Wealth before Health

So true!

:warning:Military officials at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California declared a “public health emergency” Mon because of a “possible public health situation involving novel coronavirus 2019,” according to an email sent out by the military.

Exactly all stocks rise today which makes that someone earn a lot and propably tomorrow or today it will go down and again someone got jackpot

Can someone put the invitation link up again please

:arrow_up:if this is the advice Indian Press is giving I feel bad for them

Come With Me If You Want to Live

Thank you