BREAKING - Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s laptop was stolen during the unrest at the U.S. Capitol. (Reuters)

⤺ reposted by @blackswan123 from UK -- LOCKDOWN ALERT -- Scottish Police forcefully enters into a private home to check the occupants if they are breaking COVID rules.


We don’t do Q here. Our group is also more then about being doomsday preppers. We also are against racism, no politics and no assholes. We are only discussing Trump as he is POTUS and because we understand many layers of this being beyond a left vs right or even people vs government.

I encourage you all that are serious to catch up on the #HOMEWORK and long history that you won’t get anywhere else.

Our main group is for actionable intel.
You can learn from previous posts as well how to on many different survival shtf situations. Many different sub groups be it to learn ham radio, solar, farming, defense. You can go as far as you choose to learn and grow.

Finally some of you may after being here realize you also desire more and will decide to invest in building your skills to open yourself to advance your life and reach for the stars through hard work and perseverence. Those that have a burning desire to advance humanity. The choose is yours.

But remember:
No Racism
No Politics
No Assholes

Keep it to actionable intel in the main group. Otherwise go into other groups for deeper conversations. Best of Luck to all who join us.

There were a number of laptops left behind word is Trump team has them

I saw an image that showed they collected a whole bunch of laptops but did not share as I did not see a good source to validate that. But perhaps if they did that’s why they are freaking out to get ride of POTUS before anything happens to them.

Lots more clampdown going on.

Cry babies they are just afraid the kraken is coming for them!

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