BREAKING: Nigeria senate raises alarm over 'strange epidemic outbreak' in Benue that has killed 15 and infected 104

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Jesus. That seems totally unrelated, but also frightening.

[#Wuhan Mental Health Center 80 doctors and patients diagnosed with new coronary pneumonia]
On February 8th, @ 中国 新闻 周刊 was exclusively informed that nosocomial infection occurred in Wuhan Mental Health Center (Wuhan Psychological Hospital). The hospital is the largest top three mental hospital in Hubei Province. According to sources from the hospital, at least it is reported that the medical staff in the early stage did not have protective equipment. Although the protective equipment has improved in the later stage, the medical staff who still entered the polluted area still have Level III protective equipment can only achieve level II protection, and supplies such as masks are scarce. . On February 6, an ICU patient died in the mental health center, and the deceased was an elderly patient. (China News Weekly (

Diamond Princess
Shipping company: Princess Cruises
House flag: United Kingdom
Current position: Quarantine in Yokohama/Japan
Passengers & Crew: ~ 3700
Coronavirus: 61 confirmed cases (-> Hospital)

World Dream
Shipping company: Dream Cruises
House flag: China
Current position: Quarantine in Hong Kong Passengers & Crew: ~3600
Coronavirus: 3 confirmed cases

MS Westerdam
Shipping company: Holland America
House flag: the Netherlands
Current position: ?
Passengers & Crew: something between 1000 and 2700
Coronavirus: 0 confirmed cases at the moment

Anthem of the Seas
Shipping company: Royal Caribbean
House flag: Bahamas
Current position: Bayonne (U.S. state New Jersey)
Passengers & Crew: 6400 (Crew: 1550, Passengers: 4900)
Coronavirus: 4 suspected cases (-> Hospital)

Is mystery…, the eu have too big greendeal…, thats a “program”…

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I actually know Matt.

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