🚨 #BREAKING – A huge explosion occurred in the capital of Tehran, Iran

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Omg. I’m getting scared.

Meanwhile in San Fran

Was that in retaliation for the fires? Or am I reading in between the wrong lines?

an Explosion in Iran is not in anyway shape or form with the Fires caused by Antifa or Direct Energy Weapons

Thank you

Idk I’m suspicious. Something happens here and then next thing theres an explosion over there. Back and forth for months.

Can you explain to me what this has to do with the elections?

Whether it be Biden or Trump this shit isn’t going to just stop. So what do the elections have to do with anything? Is it the sanctions from Trump ?

Decipher what’s being set on fire

All military and industrial assets

No cctv footage being released

You tell me, who is doing the gaslighting

Which factions are doing it?

Who is creating the riot fuel



Soros funded?

Omg China!

From the start. China

You’ve been in this group for how long

And you still can’t tell the factions apart?

I know. Since the start

Its the black hats?

What political party is utilized by the Black Hats?

Idk !


I know

It’s the Democrats

You should know this by now