Bought 40lbs of this. How should I store it?

Bought 40lbs of this. How should I store it?

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Vacuum seal it, with a oxygen absorber inside. First pour it into a paper bag or ziplock bag so the oxygen absorber doesnt touch the food and then ideally store the vacuum sealed food in the freezer.

That’s what I think would be longest storage life.

Also split it into 5 pound or 2 cup servings for each vacuum sealed amount.

I ended up putting it into a five gallon bucket in side a Mylar ziploc bag with a oxygen packet.

Five gallon bucket with a lid.

Toss it in freezer for 3 days…let it thaw for 24 hours… do it again. This mimicking act of winter to spring and if bugs in the rice it’ll kill them before you long store it…nothing like needing ur food when your fragile minded already and see bugs in it.

Wow thanks!!!

Another thing…you ever try to eat 40lb of rice flavored rice? Get some spices.

I didn’t know this but now I do. I already zipped it up in Mylar I found.

Its only weevil…wont hurt you at all to eat them…they also float so they will be suspended in the water prior to boiling.

So should I open all my bags of rice and freeze them and do that process and then re vacuum seal them. Omg so much double work.

No just toss the 40lb in

If u already sealed…its ok.

Just either skim weevils off…and or B. Eat them. Your rice isnt 100% infested just extra precaution

I so glad I found this forum. Thanks @Bitcoin_beau for your help. I think stuff is going to get worse. I’ve already had a bit of food stored but with covid I went thru some of my stock pile so I’m rebuilding it and buying more long term bulk stuff like rice.

I have 40lbs of rice but I don’t know how much I’ll need. How long will 40lbs last

Yea i agree. Worse comes to worse…you have $x amount of money tied up in food,that you eat then replace rest your life… a shtf situation doesnt have to be worldwide…it can your own personal family shtf so keep that in mind. Being prepared is a lifestyle change not just for short term. I personally believe i sleep better knowing if anything happens my family could bug in and be logistically sound for 9 months.

That is only for you to answer. Are you only one pulling from food sources? Time of stress you eat more.

A rough estimate for an average adult is typically 20 pounds of rice per month per person

Please again. Dont forget the spices…

But how do u preserve spices ? Do u keep in refrigerator ?

Might find this interesting. As it shows its truly breaking down


As a general rule, whole spices will stay fresh for about 4 years, ground spices for about 2 to 3 years and dried herbs for 1 to 3 years.

Where you find that :smiley:

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