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⤺ reposted by @themike27 from 頻道觀點:在大災大難面前,每個人都應該盡自己所能,幫助那些社會中低層的人員!!!政府是靠不住的,一切靠自救!!!!# 中国 国 An old man told his grandson and wife to go to the grocery store to discuss with the shop owner to credit a bag of rice for cooking.

Clearest explanation of public numbers vs potential actual numbers I’ve yet seen. From Ben Hunt, a respected writer

I’ve been in touch with a friend of mine who is from Texas but has been living in Shanghai for the last few years. Here are some screenshots from our most recent exchange.

A Chinese friend of mine who lives in Houston thinks this guy is completely brainwashed. It’s bizarre because he’s actually a smart guy.

to confirm, your TX friend is brainwashed by the Chinese media? lol

What sucks is one of my best friends is backpacking in the Himalayas right now. He’s been living in Shanghai too and is also friends with the aforementioned guy who says the media is conducting a smear campaign. Mr. Smear has convinced Mr. Backpacker that things aren’t that bad in Shanghai, so Mr. Backpacker is scheduled to return on Feb 13.

For real

Sorry but H1N1 doesn’t touch this

He is going to be pretty shocked. How long has he been away?

GRAPHIC: Quarantined patient, 59, left to die in govt designated hotel. No medical help in any of these hotels

He is still alive in this photo.

You can access all the video by accessing the shared media folder

He’s not brainwashed he’s in denial

I’m in the Shanghai group

They are fearful

Denial is real…

If it looks like a duck, and acts like a duck, …it’s probably a duck

When a person comes into the hospital with flu symptoms. Even if they test negative for the flu. We *still treat them as if they have the flu.

We put them in isolation and give them flu medicine.

It’s *mandatory for healthcare workers to wear a N95 mask for airborne diseases.

Thank you for sharing Aries…

Yea CNN is way behind

Yes. Thank God and the universe that you’re posting.

Because *Airborne is a whole other level of caution. :point_up:t4:Just entering the person’s air space is a problem. Because the virus just *hangs out in the air floating around for a while. Making it highly contagious. :woman_facepalming:t4:

Ex: Tuberculosis. TB

They are just publishing that!!! So infuriating that’s like 2 1/2 days old already

⤻ reposted @0x1bc7KH to They are just publishing that??!!!! So infuriating that’s like 2 1/2 days old already

I think he started traveling either late Nov or early Dec. I’m going to ask him now.

Perri, he’s been traveling since Jan 18. I was wrong about Nov/Dec.

:+1: thanks