Black World Colors

Black World Colors

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What’s the difference between yellow/gold and green ?


Jack Parsons

Blue Wizard :mage:‍♂ In the day

Red Wizard at night

White Hat

Blue: Space and water
Gold: Spirit, Dimensions
Green: Surface, subsurface

Red you pretty much can guess what Red (Occultism) is @Rasputinking

So besides the Left and Right on the chess board :chess_pawn:

And the four colors of the White World

Behind the scenes

The Colors of the Black World are operating and have their own realms and worlds

As well as the Black and White Hats

Within these factions

All trying to control humanity

It’s like Westworld

The whole show is one big metaphor for reality.

The park is Earth. The Hosts are us Earthlings. The human brain works like a computer and is programmable. The Maker is God. The Maze is to enlightenment. The Newcomers are the souls that chose to incarnate on Earth. We’re starting to awaken like hosts. And reincarnation. The man in Black represents the Illuminati. And how they watched their lives like it was a theatre play is true about how they see our lives and suffering as a play. And many more parallels.

Freedom vs. Force - The Individual and the State


Ghislaine Maxwell vs Elon Musk (they are not friends he was photo bombed)

Maxwell (Red Wizadry, Black Hat)


Musk (Blue Wizadry, White Hat)

Some of you are watching Lovecraft Country tonight

This show is disclosure on Red Wizadry / Black Hat occultism

I thought it was hard disclosure on sundown towns :wink:

That was a portion of it

Sunday Nights on HBO are not meant for the normies

Never was

It’s purely Black World Television

How are ya rat bastards doing?? Still kicking huh

Ratty. Bastardy. Overloaded :joy:

New Yorkers Are Fleeing to the Suburbs: ‘The Demand Is Insane’

Awww :blush:

We have your kids learning to grow food on Mars, with one kid wearing a Blue Coverall (Blue World) take a fucking hint.

:slight_smile: The Domes

In case no else has said it - the Wizard of the Day lessons are :rocket: :fire::boom::dna: Thanks for the time and care that goes into them and I hope everyone here is taking notes. @AriesAzazel :pray:

:boom: I second that

I havr heard some say most of Elons ideas/tech were given to him. How true is this

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