— 💰 Bitcoin today suffered a giant price correction, with the currency falling almost 20%, from 42000 USD to 33000 USD at the present time.

:moneybag: Bitcoin today suffered a giant price correction, with the currency falling almost 20%, from 42000 USD to 33000 USD at the present time.

Meanwhile it:
:moneybag: Chainlink also fell by 20%, from 18,16 USD to ~14 USD
:moneybag: Ethereum also fell by +20%, from ~1300 USD to ~1000 USD again
:moneybag: Litecoin also fell by +25%, from 185 USD to minimum of 124 USD

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Check this out, look how the US Army spots a Agent Provocateur

On Twitter

:small_red_triangle_down: JUST IN - U.S. House effort to pass a 25th Amendment resolution against President Trump will begin at 11 am EST. This has no consequences, only the VP together with the Cabinet can invoke the Amendment.
:link: Disclose.tv

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what did this one say?

You never know who is watching

The Agent is asking specific details regarding AO’s (active operations)

Airborne Account manager spots the deep state fuckery right away


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Act 3


Neither Biden nor Pelosi reckoned with an uncomfortable fact: Slain Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknich was a Trump supporter.

Far from sharing the views of the Resistance, he had written letters to his congressman opposing Trump’s impeachment.

The people who claim to honor Sicknick have elided these facts. Acknowledging them would undermine their ­effort to label the 75 million Americans who supported Trump as a domestic threat. Already, unelected Silicon Valley billionaires are using Sicknick’s death to justify censorship of views he expressed. Liberals are cheering the limitation of free speech. Leftists are applauding the exercise of corporate power.

People who broke into the Capitol Wednesday are now learning they are on No-Fly lists pending the full investigation. They are not happy about this.

More Busloads of National Guard members arriving in D.C. now.

A security scheme really necessary to contain just “a few protesters” or the preparation something bigger and more violent?

:us::globe_with_meridians: ABC News Journalist, Carl Willis on twitter:
— "Buses of National Guard troops still filing into the Capitol tonight.

We’re seeing them stationed every few feet along new barricades installed around key buildings."

:link: Carl Willis (@CarlWillisTV)

Meanwhile Across America

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Fucking Big Tech not one cancelled Antifa or BLM channels or accounts

“Mostly Peaceful Censorship”.

This is good though :slight_smile:

When a RICO style app comes out,

It will be unstoppable

Blockchain on Westworld Season 3: RICO APP: Make Money Motherfuckers! @azazelnews

Cancel culture leads to this :arrow_up::arrow_up::arrow_up:

Congressman @mattgaetz On Big Tech Censorship

“We cannot live in a world where the terms of service on twitter are more important than the terms laid out by our Founding Fathers in the United States Constitution & in the Bill of Rights.”


:link: The Columbia Bugle :us: (@ColumbiaBugle)

Question: if you lived in a city with young kids, would you feel its better to bug out or hunker down? Why?

ACLU Warns Of “Unchecked Power” After Facebook, Twitter Suspend Trump

Cyberpunk 2021

Depends on so many different variables, and this really isn’t the forum to discuss them all, unfortunately.

Lol. I swear this like a high tech version of a game of playground tag.

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