Betcha this dude crushed it at the science fair when he was in high school. Now those were the glory days.

Betcha this dude crushed it at the science fair when he was in high school. Now those were the glory days.

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Can’t imagine someone smart enough to think this is a good idea is smart enough to imagine a way to destroy drone if crashed…

You heard that right, the cartels are using Slaughterbots

Where they get those.

C4 easy to make, drones probably DJI



Motherfuckers, keep buying guns :muscle:t5:

Limited roles of government while they castrate children.

Hate Crimes lol :joy:

White Nationalism/Supremacy is not harming or killing Asian Americans

Black Urban Youth are

Rules for thee but not for me

No more down votes on White House :house_with_garden: videos for the Pretendency

April Fools 2021 lol :joy:

Every single founding father would fall into despair and insatiable rage if they could see the state of American government and wouldn’t be capable of fathoms the cowardly and submissive acceptance of it. And then they would be arrested by the FBI and labeled domestic terrorists.

"Let us rather no longer insult [the free and gallant Americans] with the supposition that they can ever reduce themselves… by a blind and tame submission to the long train of insidious measures which must precede and produce [tyranny]. "

James Madison

And remember to read Federalist No 46. As well as why achieving #MOV is essential

Federalist 46 copy from Yale Law School

Cognitive dissonance and the fight against The Meritocracy as well the Anti-White narrative

Good :relieved: clips gang

Though Desantis is preferable, the system is still completely rigged against us. We celebrate like it’s a win that just ONE of our Republican representatives is willing to give us basic freedoms we took for granted a year ago. He’s not even GIVING us these freedoms, we HAD them already; and Desantis is literally the only one saying he won’t take them away. Is that a win to you western man?

The Ice Age is slowly creeping up on us







:point_right:t2: As a cold wave hits Western Europe, French vineyards are under threat.

:snowflake: Indeed, French vines, a 3000 year old heritage, are very sensitive to sudden temperature variations and early spring frosts.

:fire: To avoid the destruction of the crops, French farmers have lit hundreds of thousands of small fires all over the French vineyards. In order to warm up the young vines.

:pushpin: This gives these rare, surreal and Promethean images, of men defying nature and the cold, to allow their crops to survive.

The fact that the majority of marketing data comes is generated from social media sites like Twitter, where only a single digit percentage of the population is active, really does help explain the corporate sponsored clown world we’re living in

Clown :clown_face: World :earth_americas: Continues

Find the Green Door :green_square: :door: :mage:‍♂:waning_gibbous_moon::comet::ringer_planet:

Now coming full circle :o: this scene is representative of your Green Door Interview the Wizards are trying to see if you have the right stuff to come through and become a member of the Black World :earth_americas: it’s the 1 chance you have to leave Clown World / Bubble World / White World :earth_americas: behind.

The only way to secure an interview process is by earning Hard Skills. :adult:t2:‍:wrench::woman_mechanic:t2::man_scientist:t2::adult:t2:‍:microscope::woman_scientist:t2::man_mechanic::adult:‍:factory::man_factory_worker:t2::woman_technologist:t2::adult:t3:‍:computer::adult:t2:‍:wrench::woman_factory_worker:t2::woman_pilot:t2::adult:t2:‍:airplane::man_pilot::woman_astronaut:t2::adult:t5:‍:rocket::man_astronaut::man_cook::woman_cook:t2::adult:t3:‍:fried_egg::man_farmer::adult:t2:‍:ear_of_rice::woman_farmer::construction_worker_man:t2:‍♂:construction_worker_man:t3::construction_worker_woman:t4:

Another creeper courtesy of the World Economic Forum

Black World :adult:t5:‍:rocket::woman_astronaut:t4::man_astronaut:t2::adult:t2:‍:rocket::woman_astronaut:t5::man_astronaut:t3: has a wall. A Green Door :green_square::door: and a strict Meritocracy, skill based policy. the Bubble World / White World / Woke America and Red Faction EU have open borders.

Choose wisely :blue_square::mage:‍♂ vs :red_square::japanese_ogre:

Take the Green Door Oath, Earn your blue coveralls, earn your mission patch.

It’s an honor to see the real world
It’s an honor to serve in it
It’s an honor to take these secrets to the grave

Azazel/Doomsday is just a tip of the iceberg

Everyone in Legacy Space Force wears blue coveralls, this has been shown many times in Sci-Fi films emulating the Black World and Blue Faction. Example given :arrow_down:





The Midnight Sky, all crew members on the Aether are in Blue Coveralls

In Aliens, Ellen Ripley as the Science Officer is in Blue Overalls

Notice that Ripley is the only one in Blue Overalls (representative that she’s the Wizard :mage:‍♂)

Don’t wait for Open Eyes :eyes: to happen, start preparing now.

One of the first skills through the Green Door :green_square::door: is Ham Radio
Stop wasting time watching The Office reruns and get certified

For the ones who feel they are worthy.

Start here to explore paths into the Black World. Literally leave the bullshit behind :rocket:

Stay in Clown :clown_face: World :earth_americas:

Or join us on the other side

Earn Skills and leave this bullshit Bubble World behind

Stop trying to want to change the World :earth_americas:

Start entering new worlds

Leave The Bubble World,

Go Beyond The Wire.

Walk Through The Garden.

Earn the skills to get there :earth_americas::earth_asia::earth_africa::sparkles::comet:

Find the Door :green_square::door:

Working on it. After 3 days of study, testing close to 70 so far. Still have a ways to go. :woman_facepalming:

Fuck Likes, :+1:
Fuck Hearts :two_hearts:
Fuck Retweet’s :hatching_chick:

What should matter is learning skills and finding the door :green_square::door:

Amen Brother? Hit the old nail on the head!

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he is legit though,seen him come by for some months now on other platforms.Hes getting more extreme,smoking and not shaved while lecturing to the public as of late​:joy::raised_hands:

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