Belarus was the canary in the coalmine.

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⤺ reposted by @HyperboreanSpear from Twitter has signaled that it will hand the “@POTUS” account – reserved for the sitting US president – to Joe Biden, despite no winner being formally declared and regardless of whether Donald Trump concedes.

Belarus was the canary in the coalmine.

those countries that powell has come out and said we know this fraud was done in these countries with the same machines. How stable is their leadership/power now?

Chavez used it to maintain power and now Maduro is doing the same, Powell said.

Wizard said hold on brb

She also mentioned Argentina.

I believe she said the voting system was exported to many countries for profit and power (my paraphrase)

Correct. It was developed by a team working for Chavez.

Anyone else find it ironic that a socialist country created something and then exported it for profit?

venezuela was running people over with tanks in the streets…

It was contracted out to Dominion. Dominion must have retained the rights to their software and repurposed it.

Yes. If only it was something mutually beneficial like their energy and labor instead of corruption.

If only…

This was a Canadian company building fradulent software with the Venezuelan government as a client.

Dominion has multiple partners - had servers in Spain and germany and it’s confirmed someone raided german ones and that other of their offices have been abandoned

Venezuela was the pilot project and then they repurposed the software for use in other countries’ elections.

The office that was abandoned was the Dominion office in Toronto which shared space with the Tides Foundation (Soros). The Tides Foundation funnels money to the BLM Support Fund.

& Sytl/ smartmatic?

Smartmatic is part of Dominion. Scytl housed the servers in Germany. But they’re a Spanish company.

Smartmatic was the original name of the software when it was developed for Venezuela as a client.

Dominion is the company.

“Dominion is the name of the company involved in the recent U.S. elections. Its name is associated with irregularities due to the failure of its electronic systems, whose technology was purchased from Smartmatic through its subsidiary Sequoia.”

Dominion repurposed Smartmatic for other elections.

I’m assuming there are some crypto investors here, anyone taking profits?